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Slique is Australia's premier stone care treatment specialist. We are a family-owned and run business. We currently provide stone care and treatment services to all New South Wales, ACT, as well as Sydney and surrounding suburbs. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach which is why we extensively train all our staff and invest heavily in ongoing research and the latest technology and restoration techniques. We offer a wide range of extensive treatments to restore just about any kind of damage.

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Tile Cleaning & Restoration Services

Have you been using off-the-shelf cleaners for your tiles? Have these tiles started to lose their colour? General-purpose cleaners and traditional cleaning techniques don’t remove dirt completely. Our tried and tested tile cleaning and restoration solutions use a combination of pressure washing, specialised cleaning solutions and a powerful vacuum to restore the tiles to their original condition.

Tile Cleaning Sydney
non slip treatments

Make your tiles safe with our non-slip treatment. We use a variety of treatments such as acid etching or an anti-slip coating to make your stone or tile surface safe for everyone. Our experts will also measure the exact coefficient of friction to ensure compliance with nonslip regulations.

stone & tile cleaning

Is your expensive stone or tile floor looking discoloured? Do you feel like ripping it up and just replacing it with a completely new floor? Successful stone cleaning depends on understanding the type of stone. We use customised cleaning methods depending on the situation on hand. Our deep dirt extraction treatment is specifically designed to get rid of discolouration due to stains or water.

Tile Sealing
Tile Sealing

Tile sealing is necessary to ensure that your tiles do not soak in water or other liquids leading to discolouration or other issues. Sealing is necessary for porous tiles or tiles with open-pore structures.

Stone Restoration
Wet Sealing

Our wet sealing service is designed to restore your dark coloured natural stone and make it aesthetically pleasing. This treatment will make the final finish two shades darker compared to the original colour. This technique doesn't add any artificial colour but enhances and magnifies the natural colour.

Bench Top Restoration
Natural Stone Resurfacing

Give a new look to your kitchen or bathroom with our stone restoration service. We use the best available equipment and high-end sealers for the proper restoration of natural stone.

Tile Cleaning
stone polishing & grinding

Our stone polishing & grinding service is designed to provide a customised solution depending on the type, condition and desired finish of the stone. We can provide a variety of finishes that are sure to please you.

Tile Restoration
Tile Polishing

Our tile polishing treatment is best for removing optical hazing or for transforming a matt finish into a polished finish. We guarantee 100% recovery of optical hazing with our tile polishing techniques.

Tile Cleaning Products
Chip and Tile Repairs

If you have chipped or cracked tiles, call us now. Whether you have tiles on the floor or on the walls and whether they are in your kitchen or your bathroom, we are capable of fixing any kind of problem.

Why Choose Us like for Your Tile Cleaning and Restoration Needs?

We have been providing specialist stone care treatment services to our clients for over 10 years. We have an established team and are fully equipped to provide the best solutions to our customers, at the right prices. We provide a 100% guarantee for restoration including scratches, dullness, etching, or staining. Give us a call today to learn more about our tile and stone cleaning services.


1What is the best way to clean tiles?
The best way to clean tiles is to hire the services of professionals who will use non-toxic and correct cleaning solutions depending on the type of material and its condition. Regular cleaning supplies typically deposit the dirt in the grout lines which affects the cleanliness of the floor.
2Is tile and grout cleaning worth it?
Proper tile and grout cleaning have the potential to restore your floor to its original finish. If the only alternative is replacing the faded tiles, you should call a professional for proper tile and grout cleaning, and experience the difference for yourself.
3How do professionals clean tiles?
Professionals use a variety of methods for cleaning tiles. We use customised cleaning solutions and industrial strength machines and vacuums to properly clean the tiles.
4How do you clean tile and make it shine?
We make use of high-end cleaning solutions along with industrial-strength cleaning machines and vacuums to thoroughly clean tiles. For shining purposes, we use high-end sealers to give it a new life and lock in the shine.
5How do you make tiles look new?
We use the best cleaning supplies and industrial-strength machines to get rid of the dirt from deep inside the tiles.
6How do you make old tiles look new?
Our deep dirt extraction techniques are designed to get rid of dirt particles embedded deep inside the tile surface. After proper cleaning, we seal the tile surface to lock in the fresh finish.
7Can ceramic tile be restored?
It is possible to completely restore ceramic tiles but it requires expert techniques and tools. We have restored ceramic tiles for hundreds of our customers.
8How do you bring tiles back to life?
Bringing old tiles back to life involves a comprehensive cleaning process that involves industrial strength cleaning machines and customised cleaning solutions. Give us a call today to learn more.
9How can I redo my tiles without replacing them?
Giving a new lease of life to tiles is possible with our deep dirt extraction techniques and cleaning solutions. This is considerably cheaper than replacing your tiles completely.
10Can you put other floorings over the tiles?
It is possible to put other types of flooring over tiles. For example, vinyl flooring can be installed directly over porcelain and ceramic tiled flooring.
11Can you recolour the tiles?
It is possible to recolour the tiles. The tile will need to be resurfaced and then it can be recoloured.

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