4 Steps Of Natural Stone Restoration

4 Steps Of Natural Stone Restoration

4 Steps Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone is an ancient material that has been used for millennia to create beautiful structures and spaces. However, natural stone is also a fragile material that can easily be damaged by the environment, water, and other substances. Natural stone restoration services are needed when stones begin to show signs of wear or need cleaning. 

What Is Natural Stone Restoration?

Natural stone restoration refers to the cleaning, sealing and restoration of natural stones such as marble, travertine, or limestone in order to make them look new again. By removing all dirt and stains from the surface of natural stone, it will return back to its former sparkling lustre and shine. 

Natural stone restoration prevents future deterioration mainly because there are no harsh chemicals present during the restoration processes. Additionally, natural stone restoration can enhance material durability and make it last much longer. 

Types Of Natural Stone Damage

Natural stone, such as marble or limestone is a popular choice for countertops in kitchens or floors. However, natural stones are very porous which can lead to damage if not properly maintained with regular cleaning. Some common damage that natural stone is prone to if not properly cared for include the following:

  • Etching, from acidic substances like lemon juice or wine spillage.
  • Staining, due to grease buildup caused by food items, burnt-on spots after scrubbing, and more.
  • Discolouration, resulting when one cleans their counters too aggressively causing microscopic scratches during normal household use leading eventually to permanent stains unless they have been sealed beforehand 
  • Chips and Scratches, which can be caused by reckless handling or scratches from surrounding furniture. 
  • Cracks, which can be a result of improper installation.
4 Steps Natural Stone Restoration

Natural Stone Restoration Steps

Natural stone restoration is a labour-intensive process, but it’s one that can breathe new life into an old surface. 

There are various steps and methods for natural stone restoration. Once the natural stone surface is prepped accordingly, the four main methods of natural stone restoration can commence: grinding, honing, polishing, and grout filling.

1. Grinding

Once the surface is prepped, it’s time to start grinding down. The first step of this process is grinding by using a diamond grinder to remove surface imperfections and render flat surfaces. This allows for better bonding between adhesive products used on cracks or chips on the natural stone surface.

2. Honing

The next step in natural stone restoration is honing. This method is a bit less intensive than grinding.  In this process, fine abrasive powder mixed with water is applied to the scratched or damaged area using a machine built for honing. Honing helps to smooth the surface of your marble or granite countertop and remove minor scratches, etching marks and stains that have not penetrated too deep into the material. The end result will be a much smoother finish on top. 

3. Polishing

Polishing can restore your stones to their original lustre and shine, along with bringing back the colour that might have faded over time or been worn away by abrasion from, say, heavy foot traffic. This process can also enhance features like veins within travertine marble accents which were designed to be optically undetectable when new.

4. Grout Filling

Another step in natural stone restoration is grout filling, which involves cleaning the joints and then applying a special substance to fill them. Grouting fills cracks and seams on the surface of your tumbled marble floor, restoring its smooth appearance while protecting it from dirt that can cause staining or damage.


As you can see, there are many methods of natural stone restoration. All of these options will help maintain a beautiful appearance on your exterior or interior surface. Whether it be marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate or any type of concrete product, our team here at Slique has had years of experience with all types of surfaces and situations.

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