What To Expect

At Slique we aim to make the experience as pleasant and convenient for the customer as possible, from when you first contact us through to the completion of the work. Check through our testimonials pages – you will find that apart from solving the most difficult and technical stone and tile issues, that we excel at client service at all levels. Our technicians regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to obtain the perfect finish.

Contacting Slique

We can be contacted by phone or email – click here for details. Or you can chat to us online.

Booking a consultation

When you book a free consultation, one of our staff will make an appointment to conduct an on-site survey. We know your time is important, so appointments are recorded electronically and we’ll give you advance warning if we’re running late. We do keep appointments!

Consultation and quote

After the site survey, we’ll send you our analysis and recommendations as well as a quote breaking down each Slique treatment that we recommend for your surface.

Samples and trials

Slique can test sample tiles in our lab or on site to demonstrate the results that will be achieved. As some treatments can substantially change the surface and have a major visual effect, these will only be completed on your acceptance of the results of a test area or sample tile.

Work confirmation

All our work is undertaken by specialist technicians. Their time is valuable, so we run a comprehensive booking and dispatch system to maximize efficiency. When you book a job with Slique, you can be confident that a technician will arrive on time and complete the work as specified. You will be sent email confirmation of agreed dates and times for bookings, so you can be sure we will meet our commitments to you. We do require deposits to confirm work bookings.


All technicians are fully uniformed and carry Slique photo ID. They will also have a Work Order containing the full specifications of the work to be completed.

Slique technicians commonly work unsupervised in the most prestigious properties. We are regularly commended on the work ethics, attitudes and responsibility of all our staff, and you can be sure we can be relied on to protect your property while we are there.

Protection of surroundings

All quotations provide time for full protection of areas and surfaces adjacent to where we will be working. You can be sure that nothing will be damaged during the completion of our work. We will move light furniture in order to complete our work. However, fragile items, mirrors and art work needs to be removed by the client.

Service records

Slique systems electronically record all details of the work undertaken for warranty, management and analysis purposes.

Working on site

On arrival, the Team Leader will introduce the team to you by name. We endeavour to assign work to staff who may have been on your site in the past, or who have completed initial test / sample work for you.

All staff will communicate politely with you in English, and you will not hear our staff playing loud music or swearing while on your site. They will ask permission to use your facilities and will keep you advised of progress and results of all work. They will let you know if they need to use any chemicals that are toxic or especially smelly.

You will enjoy having them work at your property – just read some of our testimonials to see for yourself.

Warranty and insurance

All our work is guaranteed to meet the specification and finish as detailed in your quote. All our work is covered by comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million. In Australia, we can provide current Work Cover certificates if required.


We focus on staff training and safe handling of all machinery and chemicals that we use. We regularly are asked to advise builders, tilers, cleaners, and stone / tile retailers on correct and safe application of cleaning chemicals.

All technician staff have completed either SiteSafe (NZ) or White Card (Aus) construction site OH&S certification. All electrical equipment is regularly checked and maintained in accordance with local electrical regulations, and all vehicles carry current MSDS (material safety data sheets) for all chemical products that we use, and safely remove and dispose of all contaminated waste from your site.