The Benefits Of Marble Polishing

The Benefits Of Marble Polishing

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Marble is one of the most preferred/popular options for tabletops, countertops, fireplace mantles, and flooring. Marble not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your home but is also a low-maintenance stone. Marble, however, is porous and quite soft hence, it’s susceptible to scratching and staining. Having the marble surface polished, however, takes care of such issues leaving the surface shiny, clean, and spotless. Experts recommend professional marble polishing for the best results.

Marble polishing not only improves the countertops look and feel, but also enhances its durability.

Benefits of Marble Polishing


1. Increased Density

A polished marble countertop or flooring has a higher density than an unpolished one. This is because the polishing process increases compression strength and hardness of the surface. This makes the surface resistant to abrasions and impact from falling objects. A polished marble surface is also much easier to clean and doesn’t stain so easily as well. However, you need to immediately wipe any wine or oil spills from the surface to avoid any possible staining.

2. Improved Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

As mentioned earlier, marble polishing is known to increase its density. Improved density means the surface is less susceptible to chipping, cracks, or abrasions thus maintaining a shiny, spotless surface for much longer. Polished marble also maintains a fresh, shiny look and feel for years. The shiny appearance makes the surface appear clean all the time and is hence, a valuable investment for the living room, kitchen, and walkways. A well-polished marble floor or countertop can last for years before you can see the first signs of wear and tear.

3. Easier To Clean With Minimal Maintenance

You won’t have to worry about recoating, stripping, or re-waving your floors with a polished marble floor. A well-polished floor is resistant to tire marks, dust, oil, water, and other substances that can cause stains on the surface. Therefore, regular maintenance isn’t needed once the surface is polished. Cleaning a polished marble surface is also relatively easy as well. All you need to clean the surface will be a dust mop, damp mop, or even an auto scrub neutral cleaner. Basic cleaning is all it takes to preserve the marble’s shiny and elegant look and feel.

4. Polished Marble Doesn’t Encourage Bacterial, Pest, and Fungal Growth

Marble polishing is mostly recommended for households, countertops, hallways, and hospitals for it is repellent to disease-causing microbes and pests. You therefore never have to worry about bacteria and fungi in your kitchen, or the need to replace the entire floor due to termite infestation. The fact that marble repels these microbes means a reduced risk of anyone getting an infection. You also get to save lots of money in floor replacement in the long run.

There is more to marble polishing than just doing it. A professional’s work will be of a higher quality compared to a DIY project.

Below we will discuss some of the reasons and advantages of hiring a professional for the job.

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional for Marble Polishing


1. Cleaning Marble Stains

Grout and rust stains can be quite difficult and sometimes, almost impossible to remove. Using the wrong cleaning detergent, or even scrubbing the stain increases the risk of scratching and other imperfections. With calcium bicarbonate, the main compound in marble, only a select few chemicals should be used for stain removal. Professional marble polishing companies, however, understand this hence, are better placed for the job. These companies invest in industrial grade equipment and cleaning detergents that suitably take care of these stains efficiently.

2. Etch Marks Removal

Soft marble is prone to scratching and other marks. Getting rid of these to obtain a smooth, radiant look can be very difficult for an untrained hand. Hiring a professional for polishing can help get rid of these marks and other imperfections much better than a DIY person. Some of the best companies do everything from grinding, honing, polishing, and even buffing to restore the shiny effect of the marble surface. When done properly, polishing and buffing can help restore and even improve your countertops and floors aesthetics.

3. Convenience

Although you might be diligent at keeping your surfaces clean, there are times when an expert’s help is essential. Using the services of a professional polishing company saves you the time you would have otherwise spend doing it yourself. In addition to this, having an expert work on the surfaces occasionally restores them to their former glory hence an added advantage.

If looking for a way to extend the life of your marble countertops, you then should consider hiring a professional marble polishing company. In addition to polishing and removing stains/scratches, these professionals provide waxing services as well. Waxing helps bring out a more elegant feel and shiny look to the countertops and floor. The other advantage of hiring experts to do it is that you never have to invest in the required equipment needed for the job. These companies have already invested in industrial grade equipment designed specifically for this job.