Best Ways to Clean Granite Countertops 

Best Ways to Clean Granite Countertops 

Best Ways to Clean Granite Countertops 

There are several reasons granite has remained one of the preferred choices for natural stone countertops. What makes it a good choice for countertops is its capability to resist everyday wear and tear and other beneficial properties. For instance, it is heat resistant as well as scratch-resistant. Like all natural stones, it’s porous which means it can absorb quite a bit of liquid leading to stains and other problems but all these problems can be prevented with the yearly application of a good quality sealant and a few other preventative measures.

Natural stone countertops such as those made of granite eventually lose their shine. They need to be properly maintained in order to retain their shine and natural beauty. This blog post is focused on helping you learn ways to take care of your granite countertop and prevent it from looking dirty.

What Makes Granite Countertops Dirty?

Like all natural stone countertops, there are several things you need to do to take care of granite. Here are a few things that make granite countertops dirty:

  • Putting extremely hot pots and pans on the countertop
  • Use of acidic cleaning agents
  • Use of abrasive tools for cleaning
  • Not getting it sealed every year
  • Not wiping off spills right away
  • No deep cleaning once in a while
  • Not cleaning the surface after every use

As mentioned in the beginning, granite is porous and if it isn’t properly sealed, water and oil can get inside and create problems. This is why you should avoid putting extremely hot pots and pans directly on the countertop surface. Use trivets or mats to prevent damage to the surface of the countertop. 

It is also recommended to get it sealed every year to prevent spills from getting inside the surface and causing patterns. If spills aren’t cleaned right away, it could lead to deep stains that might be difficult to clean later. The use of abrasive cleaning tools or acidic cleaning agents may remove the sealant leading to seepage of water or oil inside.

How to Clean Granite Countertops?

Cleaning granite countertops isn’t cumbersome provided you are serious about taking care of spills and making sure to follow certain expert recommendations. Here are a few tips to help you keep your granite countertop clean:

First and foremost, you should always clean the surface with the help of a dry cloth or a soft sponge. Do not let anything remain on the surface for too long.

Always use a natural cleaning agent to wipe down the surface. Make sure the cleaning agent you are using isn’t too acidic or basic. A mix of lemon and vinegar is a great natural solution.

When you get a new countertop from the market, it has a sealant applied as the top coat and the sealant keeps moisture away. Always use a soft cloth or a soft sponge to prevent damage to the sealant.

If the surface is already stained, use a poultice to get rid of those stains. You might have to keep at it for a couple of days if the stain is too deep. If you want to create your own poultice, take baking soda and use water to get rid of oil-based stains. For water-based stains, it is better to use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.

The overall goal of cleaning a granite countertop is to use a soft cloth to avoid damaging the sealant. Also, do not use a cleaning agent that is either too basic or acidic. You should preferably use a completely neutral cleaning agent. Also, hot surfaces can damage the sealant and this is why you should use trivets or mats to protect the sealant.

These basic cleaning tips will help you preserve the shine and elegance of your granite countertop for years to come.

If all these maintenance steps do not completely clean the surface, consider engaging the services of a reliable and experienced granite restoration expert to restore the stone to its original state. These experts have experience with the right cleaning agents and the right techniques to apply those cleaning agents to ensure a return of granite to its original shine and elegance.

Best Ways to Clean Granite Countertops 

How to Take Care of Granite Countertops?

Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your granite surface looking like new. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your granite:

  • Always seal the surface
  • Make it a habit to use trivets or coasters
  • Frequently mop the surface to prevent damage to sealant caused by grit and dirt
  • Always get rid of the spills by blotting with a paper towel. Do not wipe it immediately as it will spread the spill
  • Make it a point to use only natural cleaners that are as close to pH neutral as possible.

There are several varieties of good quality granite sealers available in the market at affordable price points. These will protect the surface and make them more resistant to stains. 

Try to avoid allowing alcohol or citrus juices to come into contact with the surface. Make sure you clean the surface with the help of a dry but soft cloth to prevent grit and dirt from scratching the surface. 

If you allow the spills to remain on the surface for too long, it might eventually break the seal. This is why you should always blot the spill with a paper towel and use a soft cloth to dry it thoroughly. Use natural cleaning agents to prevent damage to the surface as granite may contain several minerals sensitive to acids leading to stains.

Final Thoughts

If you take proper care of your granite countertop, it will last for years retaining its natural shine and elegance. You may only need to engage the services of a professional every few years for deep cleaning if you make it a habit to prevent damage to the surface by following the tips mentioned above. If the surface is already stained and you are unable to get rid of deep stains, it is better to engage the services of a professional for deep cleaning and to help return the natural stone to its former beauty.

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