Can A Natural Stone Tile Be Fixed Without Replacing It 

Can A Natural Stone Tile Be Fixed Without Replacing It 

Natural Stone Tile Be Fixed Without Replacing

Are you searching for information on fixing natural stone tiles? Are your tiles stained or cracked? There is no denying that nothing can match the elegance and beauty of a natural stone surface. The durability and style you get with natural stone tiles come at a considerable price. However, natural stone is also vulnerable to stains, etching, cracks, chips as well as oxidation and some other problems.

Nobody likes to have a yellowish, stained or cracked tile floor. Naturally, you would want to get it fixed. The problem is that you can’t use the usual methods to fix a natural stone surface. You need something unique to restore the original shine and look of natural stone tiles.

Fortunately, a natural stone surface can be fixed and there is no need to replace it. Having said that, it requires the right materials and a lot of patience. Ideally, you should engage the services of a reliable natural stone restoration company to get the best results.

In this blog post, we will explore the idea of replacing or repairing natural stone tiles and how these tiles can be fixed.

Repair or Replace Broken Natural Stone Tiles?

First and foremost, you should understand that it is possible to repair broken natural stone tiles but it depends on the extent of the damage. There are several brands that offer a repair kit for natural stone tiles.

These kits contain epoxy. You will also need to buy tint colours to match the repair material to the existing tiles. Take some epoxy and tint it using the colours. Add a little colour and then some more till the perfect colour is achieved. 

Now, take a crafting stick or a flat stick to apply this material to the crack or chip until it is flush with the existing surface. After application of the repair material, use a blade to get rid of the excess material before it hardens.

Obviously, this DIY method of repair works only if there is minor damage. For major damage, you should always call a restoration service to know more about your options. 

Natural Stone Tile Be Fixed Without Replacing

How to Fix Natural Stone Tiles?

Fixing natural stone tiles depends on the problem you’re facing. In this section, we will discuss some of the common problems and how you can fix those problems.

Stains — Tiles get stained when they are not sealed properly. Almost anything such as oil, ink, rust or red wine can stain the surface of natural stone. You should try to remove the stain as quickly as possible as stains take a lot of effort once they harden. You can use a poultice to get rid of stains but if nothing works, the best option is to use the services of a natural stone restoration professional.

Etching — Some natural stones such as limestone and marble etch easily due to acidic liquids such as liquor, vinegar or orange juice. The best way to get rid of etching is to hire a professional stone restoration company.

Yellowish colour — If your white marble has started showing a yellowish tint, it might be possible to restore it to its original shine. The yellowing happens due to a variety of reasons including the build-up of grime, debris or wax and also, due to iron oxidation. Your best bet is to hire a professional stone restoration service to get rid of the yellowish surface.

Chips or cracks — Cracks or chips happen due to improper installation or settling down of the substrate or lack of maintenance. In most cases, a professional should be able to repair the cracks or chips with the help of a colour-matching epoxy or polyester. However, extensive damage usually requires the complete replacement of the broken tile.

Final Thoughts

Natural stone looks exquisite and is very expensive. The natural stone surface is capable of retaining its shine and colours for decades with proper maintenance and care. However, accidents happen and a tile might get chipped or develop cracks or get stained or etched. 

There are DIY solutions that can help you fix some minor damage. However, it is always better to engage the services of a professional natural stone restoration company such as Slique to ensure a professional and durable finish.

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