Clean Tiles And Grout Make A Healthy Home

Clean Tiles And Grout Make A Healthy Home

Clean Tiles And Grout

Tile cleaning is one of the simplest home improvement projects. Not only will you infuse life into your tiled floors and surfaces, but you will also improve the surface’s aesthetics. You’ll also improve the overall safety of your home.

The best way to clean tiles is to contract professionals with the right equipment and the required experience to handle the task to completion. However, this is not to say you should not neglect home cleaning and only have tiled floors professionally cleaned occasionally. There are many ways you can effectively and efficiently clean your tiles and grout using homemade cleaning solutions. Ultimately, you’re better off combining regular DIY cleaning and scheduled professional cleaning.

Reasons Why You Need To Clean Tile Floors

  • Reduce The Presence of Allergens In Your Home – While it might not seem like it, tiled floors in wet areas are a perfect habitat for mould growth. The dump conditions allow the mould spores lurking in the air to germinate, leading to a mould infestation. 
  • In turn, the mould spores produced cause allergic reactions such as asthma attacks, including sneezing, runny nose, skin rash, red eyes, and much more, which affect your overall health.
  • Reduce The Risk Of Illness – Tiled surfaces also offer the perfect habitat for bacteria and other pathogens. Bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and pathogens like the Serratia Marcescens are commonly present on tiled surfaces, especially those that get damp frequently. 
  • Improper cleaning of your tiled surfaces increases the risk of these bacteria colonising your tiled surfaces, increasing the risk of illness for you and your family.
  • Reduce The Risk Of Falling – Cleaning your tiled surfaces improperly causes the accumulation of dirt and grime on the tiles and grout channels. The dirt also reduces the grip that the surface offers as you walk, increasing the risk of falling. 
  • The loss of grip is especially prevalent on bathroom tiles, where there is a risk of falling and suffering life-threatening injuries.
  • Increase The Longevity Of The Tiles And Grout – Generally, when a tiled surface isn’t properly maintained and regularly cleaned, it wears out faster. Poor cleaning of a tiled surface will take years out of your tiled surface and force you to retile the floor much earlier than you should. Keep in mind that retiling a floor is expensive and tedious. 

Clean Tiles And Grout

How To Clean Tile Floors Of Any Type

You should sweep and/or vacuum your floor tiles as part of your routine cleaning process. The grit and dirt on the surfaces will scratch and dull the glazed surfaces.

Cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floors – Use a mild detergent, clean water, and a good chamois mop or rag (not a sponge mope) to clean your floor. Also, change water frequently during cleaning to prevent streak marks and a cloudy floor. 

If your porcelain and ceramic tiles are left with soapy residue, you can use a homemade cleaning solution with a mild acid such as fresh lemon juice to clean the surface. Alternatively, use a water and vinegar solution.

Cleaning Stone Tiles Such Slate, Marble, Granite – Cleaning stone tiles is similar to cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles, except you should never use any acidic cleaning solutions – homemade or store brought to clean the tiles. The harsh chemicals will etch the stone and destroy its surface.

Cleaning The Grout Channels – You do not need expensive store-bought cleaning solutions to clean the grout channels. Instead, you can make your own cleaning solutions using baking powder and water. Mix the two in a spray bottle and spray on the grout line. Rub the cleaning solution with a stiff nylon brush and repeat until the grout line is clean.

Rinse the surface and let it air dry. After 15 days of cleaning the surface, apply a silicone sealer.

Tile Floor Cleaning Tips

  • Entrust Thorough Cleaning To Professionals – If you cannot remember the last time you called professionals to clean your tiled surfaces thoroughly, it is time you call them. While you might be tempted to use store-bought cleaning solutions, you certainly have little experience using the solutions and/or lack the equipment to bring the best out of the cleaning solution.
  • Regular Cleaning Better Than Infrequent Thorough Cleaning – Do not wait for a year to pass to thoroughly clean your tiled surfaces. Combining regular cleaning using a DIY cleaning solution with once-in-a-while professional cleaning is better.
  • Never Let Your Clean Tiled Surface Air Dry – Deal with any watermarks by drying the tiled surface thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your tiled surface serves more purpose beyond aesthetics. It also helps to keep your home clean and hygienic.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Quality Tile Cleaning & Restoration Services

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