Slippery Tiles

Slippery tiles are a real hazard, and are particularly dangerous in commercial environments with high traffic flows. Slippery tiles should be immediately dealt with to prevent slip and fall accidents.

"We have very slippery tiles, especially when wet"

Tiles can be slippery when dry, but they are generally more slippery when wet from rain or spills. Slippery tiles generally occur on smooth rather than textured floor tiles. There are 3 general types of slip issue:

  1. Smooth tiles have been used in a wet area
  2. Smooth finish tiles used in wet ‘at risk’ areas instead of textured tiles is a case of poor tile selection. Each tile is rated for use in different areas, and tiles should only be laid in accordance with these specifications.

  3. The tiles are worn
  4. Over time, the texture of your tiles may wear down, causing the original grip of the tile to deteriorate, causing the tiles to become slippery.

  5. Build-up on the surface of the tile
  6. If the tiles are correct for the area, but are still slippery, they may have an accumulation of grime and chemicals on the surface which have reduced the slip coefficient of the tile below acceptable standards.

Can slippery tiles be made anti slip?

If the wrong tile has been used in a wet area, a Non-Slip Application can be used to make the floor tiles anti slip. This treatment will add more grip to the surface, making it safe.

If the tiles have worn down over time, it may be possible to Resurface the slippery tiles to restore original finish.

Or, if there is a build-up on the surface, a Deep Dirt Extraction treatment will remove all accumulated grime and chemicals leaving the tile in its natural state once again. All of these will achieve the goal of fixing the slippery tiles and providing a safe, anti slip floor.

For professional help:

If you have slippery tiles, you can book a free Slique Consultation – we’ll come and confirm your problem (including the specific cause of your slippery tiles), and give you a quote for our Technicians to professionally anti slip the surface to make it safe.