How Do You Bring Cloudy Tiles Right Back to Life?

How Do You Bring Cloudy Tiles Right Back to Life?

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Have you noticed lately that the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen are no longer looking as bright and shiny as they once did?

Over time, tiles can become a bit dirty and cloudy looking, which prevents them from looking as good as they could look.

Although you may assume that you would need to replace the tiles because they look a bit dingy, there are simple steps you can follow to restore them back to their original condition with ease.

Simple cleaning will help you remove the cloudiness from the tiles in no time without requiring too much effort on your behalf.


Mix Water and Vinegar Together

You will need to use an effective cleaning solution to remove the cloudiness from the tiles.

Although there are various products offered at home improvement stores, some of those products contain toxic ingredients that are not good to use in confined spaces.

Instead of taking any risks and dealing with potentially harmful chemicals, you can clean your tiles and get them to look good again while using a natural solution – vinegar mixed with some warm water.

Fill a bucket with the warm water and then add four cups of the vinegar to it, mixing both of these natural ingredients together to create a solution that works.

Some people do like to add a few drops of essential oil to the water.

The essential oil is not necessary, but you can always choose to add it to the water with the vinegar to make your natural cleaning solution smell even better.


Carefully Wipe Away at the Different Tiles

After mixing the water and vinegar together, find a microfiber cloth that you can use on your tiles.

It is good to use this type of cloth because it will help you scrub away at the dirt and grime without causing scratches or damage to the tiles.

If you want to preserve the integrity of your tiles while eliminating the cloudiness, you should always use a soft microfiber cloth.

Once you have the cloth, dip it into the solution, squeeze out the excess water, and begin wiping away at the tiles in more of a circular motion.

You should notice that some of the cloudiness is disappearing as you go along.

Continue wiping the tiles with the water and vinegar solution until you have carefully rubbed off each one to remove all the cloudiness.

Wait for the tiles to dry and then go back in with the microfiber cloth and the vinegar solution all over again for a second time.

It is good to apply the natural solution against the tiles at least twice just in case you initially missed any spots when you started cleaning them.

When wiping your tiles down with the solution, make sure that you are not soaking the tiles with too much of the solution because you do not want to leave a residue or any drip marks behind on your tiles.


Get Cleaner Looking Tiles in No Time

You can get rid of the cloudiness on your tiles with three simple products – water, vinegar, and a microfiber cloth.

You might not even need to take a special trip to the store to get the items that are needed because you may already have them available at home.

If you continue to have problems with cloudiness, you can always use a haze remover cleaning solution to enhance the results.

However, the vinegar solution should work just fine.

It is an affordable and effective way to bring those tiles right back to life without taking up too much of your time.

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