How To Prevent Damage To My Marble Floor Tiles

How To Prevent Damage To My Marble Floor Tiles

How Prevent Damage Marble Floor Tiles

Do you have marble floor tiles in your home? If so, then you know how difficult marble tile cleaning can be in order to keep them looking good. There are many different things that can happen to your marble floors; for instance, spills will cause stains on the floor which could lead to permanent staining. 

Knowing what types of damage your marble floors can sustain is the key to preventing damage to start with. If you’d like to learn more about the types of damage that can harm your marble and how you can prevent it from happening, feel free to continue reading our article below.

What Is Marble Stone?

Marble is a very popular natural stone that can be found in many residential and commercial buildings. It is a metamorphic rock that is made from the transformation of sedimentary rock such as sandstone under heat and pressure into what we know as marble. The product is a natural stone that comes in various colours and unique patterns.

Marble is quarried and cut into slabs often for countertops or flooring applications. You’ll find that marble is also an excellent option if you want something that has both beauty as well as durability.

What Types Of Damage Can Be Done On Marble Floors?

As a natural stone, marble is not entirely immune to different types of damage. It requires careful attention and maintenance in order to last for the long-term future. Some types of damage that marble floors and sustain include:

1). Stains Or Etching

Marble is a porous material that will easily absorb liquids. This can lead to the formation of a nasty stain which, if not treated quickly, can last permanently. What’s even worse is trying to fix the stain with products such as bleach or acidic cleaners which only worsen the damage to the marble. 

2). Cracks

Marble floors can be prone to cracks more so if the quality of the marble is not up to standard. If you find cracks in your marble floors, this can be due to poor marble quality or heavy blows from incidents such as heavy foot traffic, fallen objects, or heavy physical impact. Moreover, while marble is relatively resistant to heat, continued or prolonged exposure to heat can cause the marble to crack.

3). Scratches

If you have heavy furniture or rough materials placed on top of your marble flooring without proper protective features in place, your marble will be prone to scratches. Heavy foot traffic, dust and debris, and falling objects on marble can also be other common causes of scratches. 

How Prevent Damage Marble Floor Tiles

How To Prevent Damage To My Marble Floor Tiles

There are a couple of preventive measures you can take to ensure that your marble does not sustain serious damage in the future. Some of these measures include the following:

1). Avoid Acidic Cleaners

Avoid using acidic liquids, acids, alkaline solutions on your precious marble tiles because it can cause irreversible damage to their surface. It can create stains that will take years of cleaning up or highly specialised cleaning for the stain to be removed. Make sure to only trust cleaners specifically made for marble flooring, and try not to spill acidic substances such as lemon juice or coffee onto marble floors.

2). Use Cotton Mops 

Cotton mops are a great way to keep your marble floor clean and free from dirt. Since they’re a soft material, they also won’t leave scratches on your marble floors. It’s important to regularly dust your marble floors to ensure that no dirt or debris gets absorbed into the marble!

3). Use Stone Soap And Avoid Tap Water

When using any cleaning solutions to clean your marble, always ensure that the cleaner is specifically made for marble. Stone soaps are a great example of this. Additionally, make sure to avoid tap water when cleaning your marble floors. This is because tap water can contain substances such as chlorine, salts, and other minerals, which can ruin marble by leading to yellowing, spalling, or pitting.

4). Do Not Drag Heavy Items

Marble floors are incredibly tough and resilient, but they can still be damaged by heavy items. Make sure to avoid dragging or dropping heavy items on marble floors as this can lead to chips and cracks. If you have any heavy furniture on your marble floors, consider adding extra protective measures such as rubber feet for chairs.

5). Add Protective Mats

Adding mats at your entryways can help catch dirt from the outside before it reaches the marble. This makes sure that no unnecessary debris enters your marble floors and causes unnecessary damage.


If you want to avoid damaging your marble floors, here are a few things that will help.  The best way to prevent any damage is by using proper cleaning materials for your floors and following it up with regular maintenance. You can also use rugs in high-traffic areas so there’s less wear on your surface. And lastly, be sure not to put heavy furniture directly onto your stone surfaces!

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