How To Clean And Take Care Of Marble Flooring

How To Clean And Take Care Of Marble Flooring

How To Clean Take Care Marble Flooring lobby

If you want to keep that radiant and luxurious shine on your marble floors, you have to learn how to take care and clean it properly.

Marble is a natural stone and is inherently porous. This means that it easily reacts to acidic substances and can scratch easily with heavy traffic. 

When it comes to marble tile cleaning, remember these important tips:

  • Use only mild or PH-neutral cleaning products because acidic agents can cause etching, scratches, and discolouration.
  • Always follow the safety instructions on the labels of any products you use.
  • Test any cleaning agents and cleaning methods on a small inconspicuous area before applying it on the entire marble floor. This is to ensure that there are no adverse effects or reactions that can ruin your floor.
  • If any damage occurs like discolouration scratches, breakage, etching, etc, seek advice from professionals right away. 
  • Make sure you perform a regular cleaning routine to avoid the build-up of dirt. This will help you avoid spending an inordinate amount of time removing marble stains and dirt.

How To Clean Take Care Marble Flooring

Sweep Or Vacuum Regularly – Remove Dirt, Dust And Debris

Manually sweep the floor or mop or vacuum regularly. When you keep your marble floor free from dust and dirt, it will retain its shine and radiance for a long time.

Be careful when using a vacuum as it can easily scratch the marble surface. Make sure you choose a soft brush for your vacuum when vacuuming.

As a rule of thumb, vacuum once a week per person in the household. That means if there are four people living in the house, mop or vacuum four times a week.

Place rugs and non-slip mats to help limit the amount of abrasive dirt that can cause damage to your marble floors.

Clean Scuffs, Spills And Stains ASAP! 

Scuff – One old trick to remove a scuff on your marble floor is rubbing a tennis ball around the mark.

The soft material of the tennis ball will safely lift the scuff out. If it does not work try the following steps:

1). Mix warm water with mild dish soap.

2). Rub the area with a damp cloth. Wet another soft cloth in the water and soap mixture. Rub gently until the scuff is removed.

3). Rinse the surface with clean water.

4). Buff the surface.

5). Polish.

Spills – blot up spills immediately with a soft cloth. Be careful not to spread the spill especially if the liquid can stain or cause a chemical reaction with marble.

If the spill can potentially cause harsh reactions with the marble, flush the spot with warm water and mild soap right away and rinse with water. Dry straight away.

How To Clean Take Care Marble Flooring lobby

Stains – Different stains require different treatment or methods of removal. 

For organic materials like coffee, food, etc. – use 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

Cover the stain with the solution and leave it for 10 to 30 minutes depending on how severe the stain is. Rinse with water and dry.

If there are etch marks afterwards, wipe the floor with a damp cloth and apply marble polishing powder.

Schedule Deep-Cleaning Once A Month

Setting a regular deep-cleaning schedule at least once a month is a good maintenance routine that will help to keep your marble floors clean and last for a long time.

Use PH-neutral or phosphate-free cleaning agents and gentle equipment. 

Schedule A Professional Cleaning Once Or Twice A Year

Nothing brings out that natural glow and radiance in your marble floors than a good professional cleaning.

Marble experts can make your life easier and get the best possible result. Paying for thorough cleaning and maintenance is worth every cent. 

SLIQUE is Sydney’s most trusted tile specialist. We offer an extensive range of treatments to ensure that your tiles are restored from virtually any kinds of damage or deterioration. 

For proper marble maintenance and repairs in Sydney, seek professional help. It will save you a lot of trouble and avoid causing more damage. 

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