How To Seal Natural Stone Tiles?

How To Seal Natural Stone Tiles?

How Seal Natural Stone Tiles

When it comes to natural stone, sealing is an essential practice to undertake. This is because natural stone is porous, which means it can easily absorb liquids and moisture that could potentially damage it in the future. However, there are certain steps you must take before sealing natural stone tiles, whether they are polished, honed, or tumbled. 

If you would like to learn more about what these steps may be, then feel free to explore this in more detail below.

Preparations For Sealing

First off, let’s discuss how you should prepare for sealing. Before sealing, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface with a sponge and warm water. From here, ensure that the surface of the natural stone is dry, clean, and free of sealers, waxes, or finishers. This is because new installations must be dry 24 hours before the application process. 

Make sure that the tiles are able to dry completely and to check for residual moisture in the tile. If there is still moisture present, this can lead to patchy, uneven colouration along with weakened integrity of the sealer to protect the tiles. 

How Seal Natural Stone Tiles

The Sealing Proper Process

Once you have been able to accomplish the preparatory steps for sealing, you can begin the sealing process. Continue reading below to learn more:

1). Using a soft-bristled paintbrush, apply a tile sealant to the top face of each tile in a thin, even layer. Make sure to follow the grain of the stone and to protect your hands with rubber gloves. Make sure not to get the sealant on the tile edges where the grout will be placed as this can affect the grout.

2). Let the sealant dry for up to two hours or as recommended by the manufacturer of the sealant. You can also choose to apply a second coat for longer-lasting protection on the stone. From here, let the sealant dry as indicated.

3). Install the tiles and allow the mortar to dry as instructed by the manufacturer. Using a grout float, fill in the joints between the tiles with latex grout. Make sure to smooth out each grout line and wipe away excess grout that spills over the stone tiles.

Allow the grout to settle for a week or as directed by the manufacturer. From here, thoroughly clean the entire surface including both the tile and grout. Let the surfaces dry completely.

4). To complete the sealing process, apply one or two final coats of sealant on both the stone tiles and grout joints. Let the sealant cure for at least 24 hours before walking on the finished floor or using the stone countertop.

Sounds like a fairly easy process, right? Sealing natural stone can take time, but it is important to accomplish if you want to both preserve and protect your stone.

How Seal Natural Stone Tiles

Other Information You Should Know About Sealing

When it comes to sealing natural stone, it is often common to seal the stone twice. These layers are called a primary seal and a secondary seal. While the primary seal is designed to reduce the porosity of the stone, the secondary seal is done after the tiles are grouted for added protection. However, before adding the secondary seal, the tiles must be completely clean and dry. 

Depending on what sealer you used, you will need to reseal your stone to ensure that the stone remains safe and protected. There are some sealers that may require you to strip the old sealer first before you reseal, but there are also other sealers that can eliminate this tedious process for you. 

While sealing natural stone can be done by yourself especially if it is just a small job, it is also recommended to seek a professional service that can help carry out the process for you. With their experience, expertise, and equipment, they will be able to ensure that your natural stone is sealed the right way.


Sealing your natural stone is incredibly beneficial if you want to keep your natural stone protected, safe, and durable for years to come. However, sealing is a careful process that requires a lot of care and attention.

As such, it is important to consider all the precautions you should take and the intricacies of sealing natural stone. 

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