What Is Regrouting And Is It Worth It?

What Is Regrouting And Is It Worth It?

What Is Regrouting Is It Worth It

Have your tiles started looking dirty and worn out? If so, consider removing grout first before you resort to installing new tiles. Regrouting your tiles can significantly improve how they look, and it is cost-effective. However, your tiles must be in good condition to make the job worthwhile. 

If your shower looks dirty and worn out despite constant tile cleaning, the existing grout may require regrouting, or the grouting needs professional cleaning. 

What Is Regrouting?

If you have been trying to clean the grout of your floor or wall tiles but just don’t seem to be getting the desired results, then regrouting could be an option. Regrouting is a simple two-step process that involves removing the existing grout from the joints or seams between the tiles using an oscillating tool. Afterwards, manually scrape between the tiles with a utility knife. You will then mix new grout and use a grout float to apply it to the tiles and clean up using a sponge. Then you simply let it dry for 24 hours.

Replacing the grout is a straightforward job that can be done by just about anyone. However, it can be messy and time-consuming. 

Tools Required For Grout Removal

  • Oscillating tool: This tool has a quick rotating blade which you have to hold close to the tile’s edges. When you touch it to the grout slightly, it crumbles away. 
  • Utility blade/ flat head screwdriver: You can use these to manually chip away the areas that are too hard to grind with the oscillating tool.
  • Shop vacuum: You will use this to vacuum the dust away once you have removed all the grout.
  • Dust mask: This prevents you from inhaling the dust produced from the old grout when using the oscillating tool
  • Eye protection: They help prevent any dust specs from getting into your eyes.
  • Soft cloth/ sponge: You will use this for cleaning the tile and grout.

What Is Regrouting Is It Worth It

How To Regrout A Shower Or Bathroom

Step 1: Turn on your oscillating tool and move its blade along the grout seams/joints. Always hold your blade perpendicularly to the surface of the tile. Do this carefully so you do not chip or nick the tiles.

Step 2: Regularly stop to remove the debris and dust using a shop vacuum as you work.

Step 3: After removing the bulk of the grout with your oscillating tool, take another pass with it to clean the grout lines and vacuum as you work. Do not force the blade on areas that are not easy to grind.

Step 4: Use your utility knife to scrape and carve out the remaining bits of grout manually. Thoroughly vacuum any debris or dust once you finish.

Step 5: Ensure the grout lines are dry and clean before filling them with new grout. You can use the premixed semi-liquid paste or dry powder tile grout. Use a grout float to spread grout on the tile joints.

Step 6: The grout should be filled uniformly, then use a moist sponge for cleaning the grout. Take your time and do this lightly. After the grout completely dries off, use a soft cloth to remove any haze residue on the tile’s surface.

Is Regrouting Worth It?

Regrouting can be a worthwhile home improvement project that keeps your floors looking good as new. It makes your tiles more resistant to mould, prevents water from seeping behind the shower floors and walls, and ensures they have a longer life span. It is worth stating that the person you hire to do the regrouting should be able to help you figure out whether it is worth it, so ensure you hire a qualified professional.

Final Thoughts

Regrouting is worth it when done right. So, ensure you set aside enough time and have the right tools. If you do not have the time or patience, it will be best to hire a skilled professional to take care of the process. However, if your grout is simply dirty and just needs a thorough clean, then consider engaging a professional tile cleaning service before going to the added costs and time associated with regrouting.

Quality Tile Cleaning & Restoration Services

While regrouting is possible in some cases, it can be less time consuming and more cost-effective to have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned. If you need quality tile cleaning and restoration services, please get in touch with us. At Slique, we can help keep your grout looking fresh and new with our professional tile cleaning services, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

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