Marble Restoration versus Marble Replacement

Marble Restoration versus Marble Replacement

Marble Restoration Marble Replacement

Do you have cracked marble flooring, columns, or benchtop, but don’t know whether to repair it or to totally replace it? Well, say no more!

In this article, we will take a look at whether or not you should restore or replace your marble entirely.

What Makes Marble Special?

Marble is considered a beautiful and durable material that has been around for ages. Like snowflakes, marble patterns can often only be created once and can be hard to replicate.

Moreover, marble helps to make your home, office, or space look more sophisticated and requires attention and care for the long-term future.

However, as time passes by marble can get chipped, stained, cracked, and worn out.

In the event that any of these possibilities occur, you can either do two things: repair/restore your marble or completely replace them. However, how do you know when to restore or replace your marble?

What’s The Difference Between Marble Restoration and Marble Replacement?

Well, the difference is fairly straightforward.

Marble restoration or repair is most appropriate when your marble has chips, cracks, stains, or signs of wear and tear here and there, whereas marble replacement depends on whether or not you want a completely new marble look.

Between the two, we encourage that you consider marble restoration first before you consider marble replacement. However, why should you consider restoring your marble first before replacing it? Here are just a few reasons:

1) Expense

A big factor in deciding whether you should restore or replace your marble is the expenses involved. This is because it is much more expensive to replace your marble than to repair it.

In fact, it could be around 60% more expensive to replace than repair. So, rather than spend more money on replacing all your marble, you can save a ton of money by repairing parts of it!

2) Segmentation Conflicts

This is another important factor to consider before replacing your marble. Oftentimes, when you replace a segment of your marble, it will look more disparate than the rest of your existing marble tiles or slabs.

To avoid the conflict in your marble designs, it is best to save the cost of replacing a segment and to avoid uneven blends.

With reparation, you can easily restore your marble with an effortless blend so that it looks good as new and stays true to the beautiful design of your marble!

3) Convenience

Convenience is also very important to consider if you choose to replace your marble instead of repair it.

In addition to expensive costs and segmentation problems, the area in which the marble for replacement is located can be made unavailable or closed off for days or weeks depending on the size of the marble in need of replacement.

Moreover, marble reparation or restoration is also quicker than replacement.

Marble replacement usually takes weeks of preparation and actual execution, so to avoid this you can save both time and money if you choose to repair your marble.

Does That Mean That I Should Not Consider Marble Replacement?

Not at all! There are definitely cases in which you can replace your marble.

For example, if you just bought a new home and a room has marble tiles with a design that you don’t particularly fancy, you can opt to replace it with a new marble design.

Marble replacement can be an option for you if it’s a question of aesthetics or home updates, additions, remodels, and/or renovations.

However, as we have just mentioned, it is important that you consider the implications of marble replacement, which are mainly the expenses along with the inconveniences that it can possibly create.


Ultimately, the choice of whether you want to repair/restore your marble or replace it entirely is up to you.

However, the three main important things to consider before you choose to do either of the two are the expenses involved, the segmentation obstacles, and the convenience.

If you discover that your marble has some defects, you can choose to repair it instead of replacing it so that you can save money, avoid marble panel design conflicts, and eliminate the inconvenience of not having access to the space in which your marble is located in.

However, if you want to completely remodel and alter the aesthetic appeal of your space you may choose to replace your marble. The decision is completely yours!

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