4 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Bring Your Natural Tiles to Life 

4 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Bring Your Natural Tiles to Life 

Hire Tile Cleaning Professionals

Tiles are expensive and when you spend so much money on them, you want them to look impeccable for years to come. Natural stone tiles retain their natural shine for quite some time but they do require regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their appeal. 

Most people are busy with work and more important household chores and cannot dedicate enough time for thorough tile cleaning. If you are in the habit of just sweeping up dust from your tiles, you should be aware that it is simply not enough; more needs to be done to maintain the finesse and shine of your tiles. 

That is why smart home and business owners always engage a professional tile cleaning service to take care of their beautiful floor tiles. In today’s blog post, we will explore the many advantages of hiring a professional tile restoration company and we will also share some tips to take care of your natural stone tiles.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tile Restoration Company

1). Right cleaning products — One of the main reasons people prefer tiles is the almost endless variety in terms of designs and finishes. However, this huge variety also creates a problem in terms of using the right cleaning products. 

You can’t just use your regular cleaning supplies and expect your tiles to remain shiny. Professionals know which cleaning products to use for a particular type of tile. They will use the right product and the right process to get rid of stains without any adverse effect on the grout or colour of the tiles.

2). Save time and money — Another big benefit of hiring professionals is that it will save you a lot of time and money. Professionals do it all the time and they have developed effective techniques and know which tools and cleaning supplies to use to get the desired results. 

3). Keep your tiles safe — Natural stone floor tiles are sensitive. Use the wrong cleaning technique or wrong cleaning supplies and you might end up damaging the colour and the finish. Professionals know how to do this job properly. They will make sure your tiles look like new, once they are done cleaning. They will clean them thoroughly and make sure no stains remain on the tile surface or in the grout.

4). Enhance the life of your tiles — If you don’t clean the tiles regularly or clean them improperly, it will shorten their useful life. Without regular cleaning, you will notice the colours fading and sometimes, cracks may also begin to appear. A professional cleaning job will maintain the lustrous sheen of the surface of the tiles and you won’t need to replace them for many years to come.

Hire Tile Cleaning Professionals

How to Care for Your Natural Stone Tiles

1). Seal the tiles — Make sure your tiles are properly sealed. Tiles should be sealed immediately after installation and the process should be repeated every few years to maintain their natural shine and colour.

2). Keep water away — Try to keep moisture away from tiles as much as possible.

3). Get rid of spills and debris immediately — If you have tiles on the floor, there will be spills. You can’t avoid it. However, you should remove the spills as quickly as possible. If you allow the spills to remain there, they can stain the surface. Also, get rid of debris regularly as this small debris can break the top-level seal and that can lead to discolouring or cracks.

4). Use the right cleaners — One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning tiles is using cleaning supplies that are not right for the natural stone tiles. Make sure the cleaner isn’t too acidic. Always use a pH neutral cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Natural stone tiles look exquisite. However, these need regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their shine, smooth surface and natural colour. You should use neutral cleaning supplies to clean them regularly. 

Do not ignore cleaning as leaving spills or dust or debris on the surface of the tiles will shorten their lifespan. If you ignore the tiles, some cracks will also start appearing with time and you will have to replace the tiles much earlier than expected. A professional tile cleaning company has the necessary tools, cleaning supplies and experience to clean the tiles in the right manner.

Professional Natural Stone Tile Restoration Services

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