Commercial Care Guidelines

"Do and Don’t" advice for commercial properties:

  • DO make sure there is a written maintenance plan for cleaners to follow, and that it is understood by all cleaning staff working on the site.

  • DO have a list of approved chemicals that can be used, with MSDS.

  • DO have a list of sensitive areas that only trained staff can service.

  • DO monitor expected chemical usage, and confirm only approved chemicals are on site.

  • DO check all chemicals for reaction to the surfaces to be cleaned. Do this in an inconspicuous place using minimal product.

  • DO check labels on all cleaning products and make sure that the chemical is safe for use on your surfaces.

  • DO identify your tile type correctly before cleaning.

  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners such as Jif, Ajax, Gumption etc on polished stone or tile.

  • DO NOT use acid-based cleaners, or high-strength alkaline cleaners.


It is very important to take special care when using any electrical machinery in wet environments. Use an approved electrical protective device such as a transformer, circuit breaker or residual current device. All electrical equipment should also have current safety test tags if used in commercial situations.