Training Specifications for Commercial Cleaners

Commercial properties are often cleaned by commercial cleaners, who may or may not know how to care for stone surfaces. These training specifications are designed for commercial cleaners and train them how to maintain stone or tiles without inadvertently causing any damage.


Level 1 and Level 2 maintenance cleaning of tile floors.


This training plan provides the elements required for cleaning staff engaged in 1st and 2nd line maintenance of stone and tile floor surfaces. These surfaces may be either in commercial areas – such as malls, lobbies or reception areas – or in large private homes.

The training does not include any restoration processes, or application of protective sealers or coatings.

It specifically does not address the requirements of Health and Safety or Employment Law in any way.


Cleaners must have completed basic skills training in:

General cleaning duties

  • Use of slow and high speed buffing machines

  • Use of auto-scrubbers and wet vacuums

  • Occupational Health and Safety training and chemical awareness

  • Cleaners must be able to read, write and comprehend English


The resources required for this training are:

  • Appropriate workspace with white board and desk space

  • Wet vacuum (with current electrical certificate)

  • Slow speed buffer with pad and brush drive bases (with current electrical certificate)

  • Auto scrubber (with current electrical certificate)

  • Access to working areas of tiled floors

  • Locally available chemicals

  • Mops, buckets and clean rags

  • PPE


This training is expected to take approximately 4 – 6 hours depending on student numbers, skills and literacy.

    Basic elements are:

  • Understanding tiles and grout

  • Assessing condition of floors

  • Chemical types, dilution and use

  • Machinery use

  • Level 1 cleaning duties

  • Level 2 cleaning duties

  • Preparing the floor

  • Completing the work

  • Assessing results

  • Problem solving and stain removal

  • Recording results, performance monitoring and feedback


Slique is able to provide this training in Sydney and Auckland on request, and in other centres by agreement.

Details and costs are available on request.