Three Signs Marble Restoration Is In Your Near Future

Three Signs Marble Restoration Is In Your Near Future

Three Signs Marble Restoration Is Required

Marble fixtures add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a home. It elevates the aesthetics and adds to the market value of the property.

A discerning home buyer and homeowner usually choose marble floors and benchtops for its functionality and the sheer beauty it brings to the place.

Marble is both functional and stylish. However, unlike granite and concrete, it requires a bit more maintenance and care.

It would be wise to have your marble undergo regular maintenance to keep it shiny and looking new. 

Following are three sure signs you need marble polishing or restoration services:

1. Marble Scratches

Regular wear and tear due to daily use results in scratches to your marble tiles.

Scratches, when they accumulate, will make your marble look dirty, dull, and not very pleasant to a look at.

Minor scratches can be resolved with some home remedies but when there is quite a few scratches, and the scratches are more severe, a professional restoration service may be required.

The good news is, removing scratches and general marble maintenance does not take long. And you don’t even have to go anywhere.

Your marble restoration experts will come to you to help bring your marble tiles back to life and looking brand new once again.

Marble scratches are unavoidable. However, with regular cleaning and professional maintenance, your marble floors, and benchtops should last for a long time.

Applying marble polish and sealant makes a big difference. They provide an extra layer of protection to your marble.

Make sure you talk to your marble experts about this during their next visit.

2. Marble Holes And Cracks

Water, heavy loads, accidents, and many other factors can cause holes and cracks on marble.

In fact, regular wear and tear will eventually cause cracking, holes, and other damage.

Because marble is made of limestone, it is easily damaged and is bound to crack of not maintained properly.

You cannot avoid this, but you can delay or avoid holes and cracks. You can also repair and fix them right away. 

While fixing holes and cracks on marble can be done on your own, getting a professional marble restoration reservice is highly recommended.

Professional restoration gives better results, longer-lasting protection, and results in a much cleaner and shinier marble.

3. Dull Marble

As time passes by, you may notice your marble losing its shine. This is normal. However, this is also easily resolved.

Regular cleaning and polishing will keep your marble shiny and clean.

It’s important to understand that home cleaning and polishing do not get the same results as a professional service. 

Professional marble restoration experts use better equipment, high-quality sealant and polishers.

And because this is their main business, they have more motivation to provide quality service and results than the regular home remedy that you and your family do.

Remember, dull marble means you are not giving it the love and care it needs. 

Important Home Maintenance Tips

It might not be affordable or practical to use professional service all the time, but you can help in keeping your marble in good shape from time to time. Here are some things you can do:

  • Clean your marble floors regularly by sweeping and dry mopping to keep dust away and to keep it dry.
  • Keep your marble tops dry and wipe regularly to make sure there are no dust, dirt, and spills.
  • Apply marble polish regularly to give it added protection.
  • Avoid acidic substances from touching your marble.
  • If there are scratches, holes, or cracks, try a do-it-yourself remedy right away and then call for professional help.
  • Do not let cracks, holes, scratches, and other damage to sit long. Fix them right away.
  • Always get regular professional maintenance.

Marble is a good investment. It can last for years if you give it the right care and maintenance.

When you give your marble some love, it will love you back by keeping its shine and lustre, making your home look good all the time.

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