5 Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked  

5 Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked  

Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked

Do you have tile floors and are struggling to keep them looking shiny? Have you tried different tile cleaning methods, but nothing seems to work? Or maybe the grout is yellowing, and your tiles are losing their brightness due to improper cleaning? 

You may have encountered questionable tile cleaning and maintenance methods when looking for clean tiles remedies. However, employing the wrong tile cleaning methods can cause significant damage to your tiles. 

Not sure how to clean your tiles? Don’t fret. Keep reading to learn about tile cleaning myths, what works, and what to avoid. 

5 Tile Cleaning Myths

Common tile cleaning myths include:

1). Bleach is safe for tile and grout cleaning: Avoid using bleach-based or bleach cleaning agents when cleaning tiles and grout. Bleach can cause damage to a tile’s shiny glazed surface and deterioration to the grout.

2). You do not need to maintain sealed grout: While sealants are excellent in protecting grout, they still require periodic maintenance.

3). It is best to use abrasive brushes and powder: While one of the effective ways to remove dirt is using scouring powder and a wire brush, these may damage your grout and tiles.

4). Acid cleaners are excellent for tiles and grout cleaning: While acid-based cleaning agents do an excellent job at getting rid of caked-on grime and dirt, some corrode your tiles and grout. When using an acid-based cleaner, check the concentration and quickly rinse after cleaning before the cleaner damages your tiles.

5). Mopping will suffice: Frequent mopping will keep your tile floors clean, but you need to do more to ensure they look great in the long term. Consider periodic deep cleaning to prevent the grout from looking old or yellow.

Tile Cleaning Myths Debunked

How To Clean Your Tiles Effectively 

You can use a home remedy to clean most types of tiles effectively. When choosing a home remedy, please avoid acidic cleaners. Acidic tile cleaning remedies are known to weaken and damage the grout over time. Frequently cleaning your tiles makes cleaning much more straightforward and avoids the build-up of dirt and grime. For better results, make sure you know the type of tiles you are cleaning before cleaning. Here is how to clean your tiles like a pro:

  • Clean the grout: Start by cleaning the grout to avoid spilling dirt from the grout on the tiles. Use a grout brush and a cleaner specifically made for cleaning grout.
  • Use hot water: Always run hot water over your tiles for about ten minutes before you begin cleaning. Doing this softens the accumulated dirt on the tiles, making it easy to clean your tiles.
  • Clean up any loose debris: Always vacuum or sweep your tile floors as it prevents them from being dull. 
  • Use the right mop: It is essential to use the proper mop when cleaning to keep your floors clean. Use a chamois or a rug for effective cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are several tile and grout cleaning myths. So, before you employ a cleaning method, ensure you do thorough research and ask around to ensure that the option you choose will not damage your tiles and grout. For thorough tile cleaning, make sure you know what type of tiles you have installed. Use the right tile and grout cleaners, or hire a professional to clean your tiles periodically.

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