What Are The Advantages Of Marble Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles?

What Are The Advantages Of Marble Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles?

Advantages Of Marble Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles

Have you ever wondered whether you should choose between marble flooring over ceramic tiles? While ceramic tiles are a traditional but popular surfacing material, marble flooring does have its own advantages over ceramic tiles.

Marble flooring and ceramic tiles differ in composition, classifications, finishes, and more. However, marble flooring can offer various benefits over ceramic tiles. If you would like to learn more about this, then please keep on reading below as we explore this in more detail.

Ceramic Tiles

First off, let’s understand more about ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are composed of clay or silicates that are fired at high temperatures. Unlike marble, it is a manmade surfacing material that can come in many forms including terracotta, porcelain, quarry tiles, and even glass.

Ceramic, which is relatively inexpensive, is known to be relatively durable. In fact, ceramic tiles can last for several years especially if they are installed by an experienced designer and are well-maintained.

Maintenance for ceramic tiles is also quite simple. They are very easy to clean as they only need to be swept or vacuumed to keep dust and debris out of the way. Stains can also be cleaned with tough cleaning agents without damaging the material.

Because ceramic tiles are man made, their colours and patterns can be easily manipulated during the manufacturing stage. 

Advantages Of Marble Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles

Marble Flooring And Its Advantages 

Marble flooring, unlike ceramic, is a natural stone that is formed from the metamorphic crystallisation of limestone that converts calcium carbonate into calcite crystals. This sounds like a handful, but the important takeaway is that marble is naturally occurring, unlike ceramic.

As a product of nature, there is a wide range of differences with marble. Marble is available in various colours and shades depending on how the stone was geologically formed. This is what can make it so attractive.

Marble is advantageous over ceramic for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them:

1). Marble Looks Luxurious

Of course, nothing can compare to the luxurious look and feel of marble. Marble can come in various colours, designs, and finishes that can offer the most exquisite and regal look especially in comparison to ceramic tiles. 

2). Marble Is Highly Durable

Marble is widely known for both its purity and its durability. Synthetic or man made flooring options such as ceramic tiles can be durable, but many people often choose marble as it is a natural stone. 

3). Marble Is Resistant To Shattering

Synthetic tiles may be relatively durable, but they are unable to carry heavy weights on them. Meanwhile, marble is a hard wearing surface that is also resistant to shattering.

4). Marble Is An Effective Insulator

Marble is a great insulator. It can stay cool even on hot days and can retain heat during winter. Marble tiles are a great way to help cut costs on heating and cooling.

5). Marble Reflects Light

One of the many reasons that people choose marble over ceramic tiles is that marble can reflect light. This helps create a sense of spaciousness and helps brighten up any room. 

Advantages Of Marble Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles

6). Marble Can Be Restored And Refinished

Unlike ceramic tiles which need to be replaced once they are badly damaged, marble can be restored and refinished. Depending on the amount of damage, you can try and restore the marble yourself, but using a professional natural stone restoration service is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, marble has many advantages compared to ceramic tiles. Although it may be more costly, it is more durable which means in the long run, you can actually save money.

Marble has a finish that is very attractive to many people, it is a great insulator and brings a touch of luxury to any room. It can also be restored more easily if it is damaged or stained.

By getting professional help, you are guaranteed that the issue is resolved quickly and avoid causing any additional damage.

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