What Are The Advantages Of Tiles Over Carpet?

What Are The Advantages Of Tiles Over Carpet?

What Are The Advantages Of Tiles Over Carpet?

Are you thinking of adding new floors to your home? Are you debating between tiles and carpet? 

It is always a tough choice and there are many things which can affect your decision such as the decor and furniture.

If you’re still not sure which way to go, then here are a few benefits of tiles over carpet that should make you help your mind.

What Are The Advantages Of Tile Flooring?

1. Durablity – Tiles are very resilient when it comes to stains and wear and tear. 

This means that they should be placed in any high traffic areas of your home such as the kitchen and the living room. 

They can be cleaned easily and last for a long time with virtually zero wear.

2. Low Maintenance Flooring – Since tile floors are very durable, they don’t need a lot of upkeep. You can clean them fairly easily when they become dirty.

You should add a sealant every 4 or 5 years to keep them looking brand new and that’s about it. 

3. Cost Effective – Ceramic tiles are very affordable. Actually, they are some of the cheapest flooring options available in the market at the moment.

When you factor in the cost of purchase and installation, you can get a good return on investment because they last longer and require very little maintenance. 

They are definitely worth the money. Sure, there are some expensive high-end tiles out there but most of the options are affordable.

4. Water Resistant – Ceramic tiles come with a glazed layer that offers protection. As such they are resistant to water damage and staining.

As a result, tiles are often used for kitchen and bathroom floors. 

Additionally, they are resistant to humidity so they are perfect flooring options for areas that are moist or hot.

5. Eco-Friendly – Ceramic tiles are manufactured from raw materials such as clay, sand, glass and other recycled materials to create the tiles.

They are eco-friendly and don’t really affect your personal environment. They are energy efficient so they will also help to reduce your utility bills considerably. 

Tiled floors will keep your home cool in the summer months and warm during winter with the correct insulation.

6. Increase The House Resale Value – If you are thinking about putting your home on the market in the future, you need to consider choosing tile floors.

They will increase the resale value of your house. If you choose attractive tile floors, you can count on a higher resale value than that without them.

7. Improved Air Quality – Tiles are manufactured under very high temperatures.

Therefore they don’t contain volatile organic compounds such as allergens. They are perfect for homes where people have health or respiratory problems.

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What Are Some Of The Cons Of Carpet Floors?

A lot of people choose carpet floors for many reasons. For instance, they bring a lot of warmth, comfort, safety and reduce noise. 

However, they have many disadvantages that make them less desirable than tile floors. Here are some of the disadvantages of carpet floors you should consider. 

1. High Maintenance – Carpet floors require a lot of maintenance.

For instance, you need to plan for deep cleaning and regular vacuuming to remove any dirt or debris that might be collected by the carpet.

2. Allergens – Carpet floors are not advisable for homes for people with asthma and other related respiratory issues.

Allergens often collect in the fibres and might make any health conditions worse. 

Additionally, the carpet fibres might collect dust mites, mould and also pet dander that can be harmful to everyone’s health.

3. Short Lifespan – Carpets are manufactured using synthetic materials so they have a shorter lifespan than tile floors or numerous other flooring options.

Therefore, you may find yourself spending a considerable amount of money trying to replace your carpets.


Tile floors stand out because they have a longer lifespan and prevent any health issues. They are easier to maintain and clean and add value to your property.

If you are considering the two options, tile floors are much better than carpet floors. 

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