What Is The Best Method For Polishing Marble Floors?

What Is The Best Method For Polishing Marble Floors?

What Best Method Polishing Marble Floors

The bright, glistening finish that reflects the light of a newly installed marble floor is what makes a room appear exquisitely elegant. However, marble is a porous stone and can easily lose its shine resulting in stains from grit and grime. Regular tile cleaning and occasional polishing are vital to remove embedded dust particles from the surface and to restore their original gleam. Not only does marble polishing enhance the stunning look of the floor, but it also improves the longevity and durability of the concrete flooring. 

The polishing process increases the hardness and compression strength of the marble surface providing it with a protective barrier that makes it more resilient to scratches, chips, and cracks. So what is the best marble floor polishing method to use?

Professional Marble Floor Polishing

The results of having your marble floor professionally polished is ideal as the experts in this field are craftsmen, highly trained in various tile polishing processes that incorporate specialised cleaning chemicals, marble polishing compounds, and specialised machinery that is specifically designed for marble polishing. A professional polishing service will not only remove all dirt and grime but also buff out deep scratches and repair any minor damage to make the marble look like new again. 

You can attempt to polish the floor yourself by closely following the marble polishing methods used by professionals. However, you will never be able to obtain the same results as professional polishing performed by expert marble polishers.

What Best Method Polishing Marble Floors

Marble Polishing Process

The best marble polishing methods incorporate the following steps used by stone polishing professionals to guarantee excellent results:

Removing Stains

Marble consists of calcium bicarbonate, a substance that requires unique cleaning products and equipment to remove stains. Certain stains are absorbed by the porous surface of the marble that cannot easily be eliminated by DIY cleaning methods. For example, stubborn stains like coffee, red wine and rust require expert cleaning techniques and specific cleaning materials used by certified professional cleaners to be effectively removed from marble surfaces.

Removal Of Etch Marks

Etch marks leave a dull and lighter appearance on marble surfaces that occur when the soft stone of the marble comes into contact with alkaline or acidic substances which are often found in regular household cleaning agents or from acid spills such as vinegar and lemon juice.


The next step is to polish the surface to bring back the shine of the marble and make the floor look clean and attractive. This requires the use of an industrial-strength polishing machine and a polish that is specifically designed for marble flooring.


Finally, a coat of sealant should be applied to add another layer of protection to the floor.

In addition to the above steps, professional polishing also includes grinding with special machinery to remove any imperfections. Grinding is an essential part of the polishing process as it ensures that the surface of the floor is smooth and level. 

Grinding will also reveal any minor imperfections like scratches, etching, and stains that can be removed by honing the surface to a flawless finish. The floor is then polished to the desired level of shine before buffing the stone to crystalise the top layer and make it more durable and resilient.

Although marble is a durable stone it is also a very delicate material that should be treated with caution to prevent any possible damage. It takes just one error to create a crack on the surface of the marble that will compromise the entire integrity of the stone. Professional marble polishers take every precaution to protect the delicate structure of the marble during cleaning and polishing.

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