What Is Cultured Marble And How Do You Clean It?

What Is Cultured Marble And How Do You Clean It?

What Is Cultured Marble How Clean

Cultured marble or engineered marble stone is a manufactured marble made of dust from real marble. It makes up 75% of the finished product.

The dust from real marble is mixed with liquid polyester resin to create the cultured marble that is popularly used for countertops and vanity tops. 

Cultured marble is fairly new in the industry but its popularity has grown significantly because it has proven to be more cost-effective, durable, requires less maintenance, and can last for a very long time.

Aside from countertops and vanity tops, cultured marble is also becoming popular for use with the following:

  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks with an integral vanity tops
  • Shower basins
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Backsplashes

Since cultured marble is moulded when manufactured, the design, colour and style options are endless. It can be customised into virtually any shape or size to fit your needs. 

Maintenance And Cleaning

The good thing about cultured marble is, it is very durable and nonporous. This means it is resistant to moisture and stains.

This is why it is perfect for bathroom installations because it will get damaged by spills from hair dye, shampoos, other beauty products and even water. 

Marble tile cleaning should be done on a daily basis to remove dirt and dust deposits or scum buildup. Following are the best ways to clean and maintain cultured marble:

  • Wet the surface of the cultured marble using a clean wet cloth. 
  • Apply mild soap or all-purpose cleaner to the surface. You can either spray the soap or cleaner directly to the surface or dampen a clean towel with it and then wipe it over the surface of the cultured marble.
  • Wipe the surface of the marble thoroughly with a clean rag to remove all the dirt and scum. Make circular movements when wiping.
  • Wipe away the soap or cleaner. Do not stop until it is all gone and the marble is clean and shiny again.

Important Reminder:

  • Use a water-based cleaner with a neutral PH to avoid damaging the glaze and scratching the surface. Otherwise, this will remove the shine and radiance of the marble.
  • Use soft cloth not abrasive sponges or cloths to avoid scratching the surface. 
  • Use mild soap and cleaners.
What Is Cultured Marble How Clean

Removing Stains and Mild Buildups

The good thing about cultured marble is it does not absorb stains and dirt although this can accumulate on the surface along with some minor surface stains. However, these can easily be remedied. Following is some basic marble cleaning tips:

  • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth.
  • Dampen a clean cloth or rag with white vinegar. The cloth should be wet with white vinegar all throughout but squeeze excess vinegar to avoid dripping. 
  • Drape the cloth or rag on top of the buildup or stain. Let it stay on top of the buildup or stain for several hours. Make sure that the wet part of the rag touches the problem area. 
  • Remove the vinegar cloth and rinse the treated area with cold water.  Douse the treated area generously with cold water and then wipe the surface dry. 
  • If there are remaining stains, treat them with a cleaning agent. Select cleaning products that are appropriate for use on cultured marble. The cleaning agent must not have any abrasives and other materials that can scratch or damage the surface. Follow label instructions when using cleaning products.
  • Rinse away the cleaning agent thoroughly and polish the cultured marble as needed. Use suitable polishing agents that will make it shine and not damage the glaze.

Ensuring Safe Cleaning

To make sure that the product and materials you use for cleaning your marble tops and tiles are safe and will not cause further damage, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Avoid anything abrasive and do not use harsh cleaners. They can strip the marble of their glaze and finish. Check labels properly before buying, ask experts for the right products to use, and follow directions on how to use.
  • Test the cleaning products on a small part of the marble that is out of sight before using it on the whole surface. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Soak stubborn stains in bleach but use it sparingly. Although cultured marble is pretty durable and nonporous, bleach is a strong and harsh chemical that can cause irreversible damage.
What Is Cultured Marble How Clean

Cultured marble is a great option for a lot of households especially if you have young children or your surface area gets a lot of traffic. It is fairly easy to maintain and gives you a lot more options when it comes to colours and styles.

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