What Is The Lifespan Of A Marble Floor?

What Is The Lifespan Of A Marble Floor?

What Is Lifespan Marble Floor

A marble floor is a luxury that you can enjoy for years to come if you take care of it properly. However, most people don’t know about marble tile cleaning and how to maintain their marble floors in the long term. Poor maintenance can drastically decrease the lifespan of your marble floor if left alone. 

If you’re wondering what the lifespan of a marble floor is and how to care for a marble floor properly, then you’re in luck because we’ve got the answers for you! If you’d like to learn more about marble and how to maintain it, please feel free to continue exploring our article below.

Introduction To Marble Floors

Marble floors are an elegant, attractive flooring material that can be used anywhere in your home. The natural and timeless look of polished stone is perfect for any room from the kitchen, to the lounge room or bathroom.

Marble’s glossy, smooth surface has made it popular for flooring and other surfaces in buildings like churches and palaces alike. Marble tiles are also commonly seen on the walls or ceilings of many public bathrooms because they’re easy to clean with just soap and water! 

However, the finish for marble varies depending on where you are buying your product – some have matte finishes while others may have polished surfaces or vein detailings. 

Marble has been around since ancient times when it was first quarried as white Carrara Marble with variations such as grey Verona or black Onyx. These days, many types of stones are available including granite and limestone while popular colours include taupe, sage green amethyst, and more. 

What Is The Lifespan Of A Marble Floor?

There are many things to consider when calculating the lifespan of your marble floor. You may be interested in knowing that some experts say a natural stone has an average lifetime of 20-50 years, but there is a lot of variance among individual stones and installation methods. However you decide to care for it, understanding its lifecycle will make this process easier on both yourself and the environment!

A marble floor’s lifespan can vary depending on several factors: how well are they cared for? How often do you walk across them? Where were they installed – in a kitchen or bathroom with high humidity levels that encourage bacteria growth? Or were they installed in an area without much foot traffic where dirt doesn’t have as much of a chance to accumulate?

What Is Lifespan Marble Floor

The material of marble is extremely porous and its surface can be scratched or even chipped by things like furniture and high heels. Therefore, one must take caution when installing this type of stone in an area where there is lots of traffic. Wear-and-tear can be much worse if certain precautions are not put in place!

To summarise, the lifespan of a marble floor is dependent on many factors, such as the size, type, and amount of traffic. However, in general, most marble floors can withstand an average life span between 10 to 15 years with proper care before they need to be replaced due to damage or deterioration.

DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Marble Floor 

What are some maintenance practices that you can perform to help extend the lifespan of your marble floor? We’ve got a couple of ideas for you:

  • Always sweep up spills right away and try not to drop any liquids, especially if acidic, onto it.
  • Always sweep or vacuum dust or debris caused by foot traffic, food crumbs, etc. 
  • Use a floor cleaner, polish, or sealant to remove stains that might have accumulated from food spills as well as dulling mineral deposits. If you want the best results, make sure not to drag anything heavy across it because this will scratch the surface over time which could lead to more expensive repairs down the line. 
  • For people who wear shoes indoors at home (rather than going barefoot), avoid wearing rubber-soled shoes. Dust particles may be accumulated more easily if worn.
  • Add deodoriser once every two months to help minimise odour issues from pets or spills.
  • Use gentle cleaners instead of harsh chemicals which may react with limestone surfaces in an unfavourable way and cause irreversible damages.
  • Use mats in areas where people frequently walk.
  • Add protection to furniture legs especially if they are made of materials such as metal.
  • Seal your marble to ensure that spills or stains do not penetrate the pores of the marble. It is recommended to seal your marble every 3-6 months. 
What Is Lifespan Marble Floor

Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Marble Floor

While there are definitely some do’s when it comes to maintaining your marble floor, there are also some dont’s. Here are some of them down below:

  • Never wax marble. This will leave behind an oily residue that prevents moisture from properly drying out of the surface pores during its natural cycle.
  • Do not use cleaners containing bleach and other harsh chemicals. These products could potentially alter how shiny the finish appears due to discolouration effects.
  • Avoid using heavy objects on marble floors because they will cause them to wear down faster.
  • Failing to sweep and mop regularly will collect dirt in hairline cracks which can make your marble floor look dirty or streaky.
  • Don’t wear socks or shoes with rubber soles on your marble floor. Socks and footwear that have a lot of friction will leave marks all over the surface, which can be very difficult to clean. If you insist on wearing stockings in cold weather, stick them inside some slippers or boots so they don’t come into contact with the floors at all!

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Marble floors can last for decades if they are well taken care of. It’s important that you employ regular maintenance like professional cleaning services to help extend its lifespan. If you have any questions about the lifespan of your marble floor, we recommend consulting with our experts at Slique who can provide more information about how you should care for your marble floor.

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