What Is The Process To Restore Faded Marble?

What Is The Process To Restore Faded Marble?

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Most people in Sydney think that when their marble has faded and lost its shine, it needs to be replaced. Sydney homeowners are quick to throw away the faded tiles or even go as far as replacing the whole marble floor with a totally new one.

If you go down that path, then you are throwing away serious money. There is still hope for your faded marble. 

Marble can last a long time. However, because marble is so porous it quickly absorbs anything that comes in contact with it, especially liquid elements.

This can include water, oil, wax, polish, juices, sauces, and many other liquidy substances. Over time, it gets faded because of the things it has absorbed especially cleaning agents and polish.

Add other factors like heavy traffic, natural wear and tear, and accidents, and marble will eventually lose its lustre. 

When this happens, don’t give up. Don’t just get rid of your old tiles. When done right, marble can be restored back to its former glory. In fact, you can get it looking just like new if you get the right stone restoration people in Sydney to do it. 


Sometimes, good old elbow grease is all it needs. Furthermore, you may not actually be cleaning your marble properly. The correct method is to use a soft dry cloth or mop to remove dirt and debris.

Spray with a mild stone cleaner and wipe it off with a soft dry cloth. If you can’t find a commercial stone cleaner, you can use a drop or two of mild dishwashing soap on a damp cloth and use it to wipe and clean the marble.

Do not let the soap stay on the marble for too long. Rinse it off with water right away and rinse it well to make sure there is no soap residue left. Make sure you wipe it dry afterwards.

Another alternative is to use one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts water. Proper tile cleaning can easily bring back the shine to your marble, so make sure you clean it regularly.

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Dirt, debris, soot, liquids that have seeped into the marble surface, scratches, and other damage cause the marble to fade. It the damage is severe, cleaning and polishing do not do the trick. In this case, sanding is a good option. 

Firstly, clean the surface. Keep the surface wet by spraying water on it before and during sanding. Use 120-grit sandpaper and sand in a circular motion.

After sanding the entire surface, sand the surface again using 300-grit sandpaper and then a 600-grit after that and then clean the surface afterwards. Make sure there is no dust left. Keep the surface dry and clean.

Use a sealant if possible to give your marble added protection. 

Etch Remover

Flooding causes etching on the marble. The etching is a chemical corrosive reaction in the marble itself when it comes into contact with acid.

The acid will eat into the marble itself destroying the shiny layer and exposing the raw marble underneath. This can also cause your marble to fade and lose its shiny appearance. Spills and cleaning using a wet cloth or mop cause etching too.

Most homeowners think that the only way to clean the marble thoroughly is by spraying water and scrubbing it with soap. By doing this, the acid in water and cleaning agents cause etching.

There are etch removers and marble polishing pastes available in the market today that can easily remedy etching on your marble. Follow packaging instructions and your marble should look great in no time.

Remove The Sealer

When your marble sealer is wet it can cause damage to your marble making it look faded and dull. The sealer can protect your marble from spills and other liquid elements, but not for long.

If you keep washing or spraying the marble with water when cleaning, chances are, the sealer will stop working and will have a chemical reaction that will cause more damage to the marble.

Strip the sealer using methylene chloride. If the sealer is the reason your marble is faded and dull, stripping it off should bring back the marble to its old shine and radiance.

It is important to educate yourself with the proper care and maintenance of your marble tiles. It can save you time and money in repairs. Always keep your marble surfaces dry and clean.

For proper marble maintenance and repairs in Sydney, seek professional help. It will save you a lot of trouble and avoid causing more damage. 

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