What To Expect During Natural Stone Restoration

What To Expect During Natural Stone Restoration

What Expect Natural Stone Restoration

When we are talking about natural stone, we mean marble, limestone, granite, and other natural stones used for tile flooring, counter tops, backsplash, etc.  Natural stones look classy and naturally more beautiful compared to synthetic materials.

This is why natural stone is more expensive than synthetic materials. Natural stones are durable but they are also naturally porous which makes them more susceptible to wear and tear.

Unlike synthetic tiles, natural stone can be unpredictable and sensitive. It is vital that you understand its components and know what to expect when it comes to natural stone restoration and care.

Average wear and tear, moisture, heavy traffic, and chemicals can severely damage the finish of natural stone tiles. The good news is, natural stone is durable so it can be easily brought back to life using safe and efficient methods.

Two Important Factors To Consider When Restoring Natural Stone

  1. The type of stone – the type of stone matters and is a very important consideration because different natural stones have different levels of strength and require different ways of handling. Knowing the type of natural stone helps in determining the materials and tools to use.
  2. How the natural stone has been maintained – knowing what cleaning agents were used and other ways the stone has been maintained will help with the proper handling of the restoration and in determining the materials and tools to use.
What Expect Natural Stone Restoration

What to Expect Before Restoration

Before we start the restoration, we at SLIQUE will send our experts to your place to diagnose and assess the damage. 

  • They will determine whether your natural stone requires light maintenance or heavy repairs.
  • They will ask questions about the damage and other issues.
  • They will ask what cleaning agents you use in maintaining the stone.
  • After the initial assessment, they will give you an estimate on the budget, the process that we will use in restoring the stone, and the timeframe it will take us to finish the job.
  • Moving furniture and appliances to prepare the area for the restoration process
  • For minor restoration, the space can be used right after whereas for heavier restoration, the space may be unusable for a few days until the process is complete.

During Restoration

The restoration process will take a day or two depending on the damage and the method needed as part of the marble restoration process. Some of the steps we will take may involve:

  • Cleaning 
  • Rehoning
  • Repair
  • Repolishing
  • Sealing
  • Application of powder abrasives
  • Using hand or floor machines
  • Using diamond disc to exfoliate the stone

Most of the time, your space will not be usable during the restoration process.

What Expect Natural Stone Restoration

After Restoration

After the stone is restored to its natural beauty, you will not be able to use it right away. Additional steps are needed to finalise the process.

  • The stone will be sealed using an appropriate sealant. The sealant needs a few hours to a day for it to cure so the stone must be left alone without any traffic for the sealant to take effect.
  • At SLIQUE, we provide our clients with care instructions and general housekeeping maintenance tips to keep the stone in shape.

Once your stone is properly restored, you need to follow the care instructions to the letter. You can avoid future damage by religiously following the housekeeping and maintenance tips we give you. 

Proper restoration can bring back the beauty and lustre of your natural stone. This means that the integrity of the stone won’t be compromised giving you the reassurance that it can last for many years to come.

That’s the good thing about natural stone. You can repeat the restoration process several times without worry.

Important Reminder

It is highly recommended to trust only legitimate and proven restoration companies to handle your natural stone surfaces. Misdiagnosis and improper application of restoration techniques can cause irreversible damage to the stone.

SLIQUE is Sydney’s most trusted and number marble and natural stone restoration company. We have extensive experience when it comes to restoring natural stone and tile restoration. Why trust anyone else? Let us help you make your stone last longer.

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