Stone Benchtop Repairs

Benchtop Repairs with a nearly invisible result

Kitchen Benchtop Repairs are usually the annoying little thing that you see every day, every time you wipe the bench, but often the problem is left for a long time because it seems so small to get fixed.

A chipped, dented, cracked or flaking benchtop is not only annoying, it can also allow bacteria to enter the surface of your benchtop - not ideal when Benchtop Repairs are usually required in kitchen areas. So it becomes a health issue, as well as aesthetic.

Benchtop Repairs can be applied to ANY stone benchtop, including Caesarstone repairs, Quantum Quartz, Corian (and other engineered stone), as well as marble, limestone and granite. So whatever kind of benchtop you have, and however big the chip or crack, chances are Slique will be able to repair it for you.

Benchtop Repairs are relatively straightforward and inexpensive, so contact us today about getting your benchtop repaired.

Kitchen Benchtop Repairs

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Stone benchtops are rugged, hardwearing, and great looking but they do require careful maintenance. If you have a chipped, stained or cracked stone benchtop then give us a call.

We are here to help you with all your stone benchtop repair, stone restoration, and cleaning needs, ensuring your worktops and kitchen benchtops look stunning for many years to come.

Ways to Repair Stone Benchtop in Sydney

If a stone benchtop becomes damaged, it is important to act quickly. Most chips, cracks, and scratches can be repaired quite easily as long as they are tackled soon after they happen.

With porous stone, if the damage is allowed to build up then there is the risk of stains developing, or water entering the stone and leading to more cracks.

That's why you should call in the experts quickly if you notice damage to your benchtop.

Caesarstone Chip Repair and Caesarstone Crack Repair

Caesarstone is an incredibly durable substance and it does not chip or crack easily. If it does get damaged, then the best way to fix it is with a colour-matched epoxy resin.

We are experts in repairing chips in Caesarstone and quartz countertops and can provide a brand-new finish to your benchtops using our precise repair techniques and range of resins and glues.

We can patch up your benchtops so they look like they were never damaged at all.

Stain Removal and Cleaning

Most stone benchtops are coated with a splash-resistant stain that helps to prevent any discolouration from food splashes and spills.

If the stain wears off, your benchtops are heat damaged, or you leave spilt foods (especially acidic foods such as sauces containing tomato) for too long, then you run the risk of discolouration.

Trying to remove those stains with harsh cleaners can do more harm than good. Call us and let us salvage your stained benchtops.

Learn some care tips here.

Crack Repairs and Burn Mark Repairs

If you have burned your stone benchtop, don't panic! Call us as soon as possible and let us bring your bench back to its former glory.

Burn marks are tricky to work with, but can usually be removed.

Cracks should be treated immediately, too, because if dirt and moisture are allowed to build up in the cracks they can cause even more damage.

A small crack can quickly become a major problem. Let us seal and repair your benchtops to keep them looking pristine for many years to come.

How Can Slique Help You?

At Slique we are a team of experts in stone finishing, epoxy, repair and stains. We can work with marble, Caesarstone, quartz and other benchtops, and help you to keep your countertops looking their best.


1Are chips in your stone benchtop causing a build-up of food or water?

If you have chips in your benchtop, then yes, they could collect food crumbs and liquid. The cracks will reveal the porous nature of the stone, letting water gather in them.

It is harder to keep a stone countertop clean if it is cracked, too, making a cracked worksurface less hygienic than a polished, smooth one.

That's why we recommend that you fill, polish and seal cracks in your bench as soon as you notice them. The quicker you invest in good repair, the easier it will be to get a like-new finish.

2Will cracks compromise the strength of your benchtop?
Cracks and chips don't just look unsightly, they can compromise the strength of the work surface.

Even a small crack indicates that there is some damage to the benchtop, and if water is allowed to get into the cracks, then it can make the surface weaker. This is particularly true with granite.

While granite is very strong, if the pores absorb a lot of water then the material can swell, which will make it more susceptible to cracking. This is why we recommend that you use a splash-proof seal on your countertops, and maintain it regularly.

3Have your stone benchtop's joints separated or become loose?

Over time, the joints on a stone benchtop may loosen and it is important that you tighten them to stop the surface from getting damaged.

Granite and other stone surfaces are at their weakest when they are being moved around. When the benchtop is held securely in place it should be able to take a lot of use, and abuse.

If it is not secure and starts to slip and shift, the weight of the benchtop may end up being concentrated on a weaker area, leading to significant damage.