Benchtop Repairs

Benchtop Repairs with a nearly invisible result

Kitchen Benchtop Repairs are usually the annoying little thing that you see every day, every time you wipe the bench, but often the problem is left for a long time because it seems so small to get fixed.

A chipped, dented, cracked or flaking benchtop is not only annoying, it can also allow bacteria to enter the surface of your benchtop - not ideal when Benchtop Repairs are usually required in kitchen areas. So it becomes a health issue, as well as aesthetic.

Benchtop Repairs can be applied to ANY stone benchtop, including Caesarstone repairs, Quantum Quartz, Corian (and other engineered stone), as well as marble, limestone and granite. So whatever kind of benchtop you have, and however big the chip or crack, chances are Slique will be able to repair it for you.

Benchtop Repairs are relatively straightforward and inexpensive, so contact us today about getting your benchtop repaired.

Kitchen Benchtop Repairs

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