Chip and Tile repairs

Chip repairs

We use a state-of-the-art UV cured epoxy to match the colour of engineered and natural stone benchtops and tiled to repair chips, cracks and joints to restore your stone and tiled surfaces.

Grout re-scheming and re-grouting

Old and damaged grout can't always be cleaned to restore it to it's original condition. In some cases a colour re-scheming process is required to restore the original colour of your grout and have it looking like new again.

We can also replace missing grout or replace existing grout with epoxy in wet areas to help prevent efflorescence and water damage to your stone surfaces.

Silicone repairs

Over time silicone around your showers, baths and perimeter tiles can discolour. In some cases this requires a deep clean to remove dirt and mould build up. But, on other occasions cleaning is not enough. We can remove and replace silicone around any tiled surface and have your surface looking like new again.

Chip and Tile repairs

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