Stone and Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning and Deep Dirt Extraction Treatment

Tile Cleaning is important to maintain your surface properly. Stone and tiles may be hard-wearing, but like any surface that is subjected to the wear and tear of everyday living it will eventually build up dirt and grime. Slique’s professional Tile Cleaning treatment is an intensive 3-step process to dislodge, dissolve and extract contaminants from the surface, leaving it pristinely clean.

In many cases Tile Cleaning using the Deep Dirt Extraction method will solve severe discolouration or staining, however for stubborn marks a Blemish Removal treatment provides a more targeted approach.

Tile Cleaning

Tiles (being ceramic, porcelain or mosaic) usually wear very well – more often it’s the grout lines that make a tiled floor look dirty. Slique’s tile cleaning treatment can focus on the grout lines, removing the contaminants from the grout and returning it to its original colour. It’s amazing what a difference clean grout will make to the look of your tiled floor!

Stone Cleaning

Each type of stone varies in characteristics, but this stone cleaning treatment is most effective on porous stone which has discoloured due to soaking up water and/or stains. Stone cleaning methods will vary depending on the stone and the problem, and the Deep Dirt Extraction treatment will be tailored specifically to your situation.

Risks of Acid Washing

The use of acid on any tile – and particularly stone – surface can cause serious problems. Acid wash should never be undertaken by anyone other than a trained professional. The use of acid on soft or calcium-based stone such as marble and limestone in particular will do more harm than good. Slique occasionally uses acid washing for intensive Deep Dirt Extraction, but wherever possible we use non-toxic chemical treatments.

Tile Cleaning treatment

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Tile Cleaning photos


Tile Cleaning of a sandstone patio area which had extensive mould growth


Tile Cleaning of a textured porcelain tiled showroom floor with ground-in dirt and grime