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Stone Consulting / Tile Consulting services

Regular maintenance can help keep your stone and tile surface in best possible condition, indefinitely. It’s much more cost-effective to maintain regularly, than to allow deterioration and have to restore or replace. Regular maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your surface looking great.

Some examples of the consulting services Slique can offer include:

Expert Witness reports

Site visits, analysis and recommendations on issues related to tile and stone installation and performance. Reports can be formal (prepared for legal proceedings) or informal (prepared for action by the owner). Slique management are qualified to act as independent Expert Witnesses for legal proceedings when there is a dispute involving tiling issues which needs to be resolved.

Stone or tile selection advice

Thinking about buying a specific type of stone or tile, but not sure if it will be suitable? Slique can offer independent advice on whether it is suitable for your installation, as well as determining cleanability and maintainability, so you can make an informed choice.

Staff training

Commercial sites with either dedicated or contracted cleaning and maintenance staff can benefit from on-site training on first- and second-line maintenance for all types of stone and tile surfaces.

Performance monitoring

Slique can help to keep all stone and tile surfaces in excellent condition by performance monitoring for wear and traffic. Gloss level recording and wear can be measured providing an arbitrary method of determining if maintenance is being carried out correctly, and providing the required results. This can be used to direct appropriate services into areas that need the most attention. Slique can also provide backup for site cleaning staff when third-line maintenance is required.

Stain testing

Often conducted for retailers or specifiers, Slique’s stain testing determines the stain-resistance of a surface, and identifies the contaminants that are most likely to cause it damage. Stain testing can prove suitability, and determine the most appropriate protection methods for a surface.

tile maintenance and stone maintenance services

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