Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence Removal - De-Calcification treatment

If stone is used in wet areas, it is exposed to many water-carried minerals that can contaminate the surface. The most common form of contamination is efflorescence. This calcium build-up on the stone's surface shows as an ugly white encrustation.

What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is the result of water running under or through a stone or tile surface. As the water evaporates from within the surface, the minerals that are carried in the water crystallise and become visible. Efflorescence is common on the more porous stones and some tiles, and even on non-porous surfaces it can appear in grout joints.

Is Efflorescence Removal possible?

A Slique De-Calcification treatment eliminates the visible effects of efflorescence, both within the stone and on the surface. It also penetrates the surface and alters the chemical composition of the salts, minimising the reoccurrence of the efflorescence problem.

Efflorescence Removal Treatment

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Efflorescence Removal photos:

Don't bother trying efflorescence cleaning yourself - it's impossible to remove without expert help. But Efflorescence Removal can get rid of the visible effects, and Efflorescence Treatment can help prevent it recurring.