Tile Stain Removal

Tile Stain Removal / Stone Stain Removal services

In a perfect world, stone and tile surfaces would never be exposed to spills. But in the real world, accidents happen – and accidents can leave isolated stains, turning the entire surface into an eyesore.

Tile Stain Removal attacks deep-seated stains, and over a 24-hour period soaks deep into the stone, pulling the stain to the surface where it can be removed.

The effectiveness of this treatment depends largely on your initial response to the spill. The sooner you were able to dab up the spill, the less it will have absorbed into the stone or tiles.

Tile Stain Removal works on Stained Stone, Stained Tiles, and Stained Grout

Tile Stain Removal is effective on isolated or deep-seated stained stone, stained tile, and stained grout. For lighter staining, or general dirtiness of an entire surface, a Deep Dirt Extraction treatment may be more appropriate.

Prevent future staining

On an ongoing basis, prevention of stains is far less risky than continual cure. If a Slique Stain-Guarding treatment is applied to the stone and the spill is wiped up immediately (or at least within 24 hours) there is less chance of irrecoverable discolouration.

Tile Stain Removal Treatment

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Tile Stain Removal photos:

Tile Stain Removal can get rid of even hard-to-remove stains, like rust marks

Stone Stain Removal photos:

Stone Stain Removal can remove embedded stains from even the trickiest of surfaces, like this soot-stained marble statue

Grout Stain Removal

Stained Grout can also be fully restored using Tile Stain Removal methods