Stone Maintenance / Tile Maintenance options

Regular maintenance can help keep your stone and tile surface in best possible condition, indefinitely. It’s much more cost-effective to maintain regularly, than to allow deterioration and have to restore or replace. Regular maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your surface looking great.

Stone Maintenance

If your surface could use a bit of a spruce-up, a Slique Stone Maintenance treatment will touch up the surface without affecting the original treatments. In most cases stone maintenance will be achieved with a simple Light Dirt Extraction (a modified version of our popular Deep Dirt Extraction treatment).

Tile Maintenance

Generally the grout in a ceramic or porcelain tiled floor will need attention well before the tile itself. Therefore Tile Maintenance usually consists of Grout Extraction (a modified version of our popular Deep Dirt Extraction treatment).

Commercial Maintenance

The frequency of commercial tile maintenance will vary greatly based upon the surface, the finish, and the level of traffic on the surface. Hotel lifts may require maintenance every fortnight; a salon may require maintenance once a month; and a blue-chip office building may only need a touch-up every six months.

In commercial environments, Slique consultants can structure a customized maintenance plan for a site, giving the site’s cleaning staff specific steps to follow in order to keep the surface in proper condition. This can include training if necessary. Contact Slique to speak about your commercial maintenance requirements. You may also find some useful information in our Technical Information section.

tile maintenance and stone maintenance services

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