Marble Polishing Sydney

Marble benchtops and tiles look stunning when they are first installed. That stunning finish can fade quickly, however, if you do not take good care of the tiles.

If you want to retain that glorious shine, then you need to polish your marble regularly.

We offer effective, professional marble polishing services to help you keep your tiles and benches looking their best for many years to come.

Marble Polishing Sydney

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Polished Marble, Benefits of Marble Polishing

Marble is strong and durable. It is, however, porous, and this means that it can crack if it is exposed to excessive moisture. It also tends to stain quite easily.

Polishing marble helps to protect it from cracks, chips, and stains because it coats the marble with a fine protective barrier.

Matte or Honed Finish Marble

Matte or honed finishes are popular for walkways and tiles in high traffic areas. This finish is duller, and is less prone to scratches, but still looks great.

In some ways, matte finishes are lower maintenance than polished finishes, because they do not show scratches as easily.

However, matte finishes are more likely to pick up stains because of the porous nature of the marble so you should take this into account when choosing the finish for your floor tiles or benches.

We recommend polished marble for kitchen benches, for example.

Regular Marble Care

marble polishing in sydney

Polished marble will need regular care to keep it looking at its best. Matte marble should also be carefully maintained.

We recommend that you mop up spills quickly, and clean up dirt regularly too. Don't leave muddy footprints on a marble surface, or allow standing water to build up, for example.

If you have polished marble, we recommend that you get it refinished regularly and if you notice any cracks or chips get them sealed and repaired as soon as possible.

Marble Weaknesses

Marble is not as strong as granite, and its porous nature means that it will pick up stains easily.

It looks stunning when it is in good condition, but cracks and chips are obvious when they occur.

Marble is best for tables and counters, or for moderate traffic areas where it won't be exposed to high usage.

Marble is a good choice for flooring, however, we do not recommend it for rooms where there are likely to be a lot of spillages.

How Can Slique Help? What Makes Us Different?

At Slique we have many years of experience working with marble, granite, quartz and other stone benchtops, floor tiles and similar surfaces in Sydney.

We know stones well, and we understand the demands of modern households. We offer professional repair, treatment and polishing surfaces at affordable prices.

We can help you keep your existing marble looking at its best, or repair damaged marble for you.

We have a long history of working in Sydney, and we believe that our reputation speaks for itself.

Why not give us a call to see why so many homeowners depend on us for their marble polishing and similar services?


1How will I know when my marble floors require polishing?

Marble needs to be polished and resealed on a regular basis. On average, the polish will last for one to two years, depending on how busy the area is.

The polish will wear off more quickly if it is exposed to acidic substances or if there is a lot of foot traffic through the room.

If you notice dull spots on the marble, this is a sign that you should polish it again.

2What different types of marble tiles do Tile Cleaners polish?

Marble tiles can be divided into a few categories: polished, matte, tumbled and honed. Tumbled marble has a distressed or weathered look.

This marble is not polished, and it is not usually used for large tiles, but rather for smaller mosaics for a backsplash.

Matte/honed marble is often used for tiles, and will not be "polished" as such, but is treated with a seal to help prevent staining.

You should have a tile cleaner re-apply the seal for you on a regular basis. Polished marble, as the name suggests, should be re-polished regularly to keep the marble looking at its best.

3What do your restoration services include?

Our restoration services include polishing or staining marble as appropriate, sealing cracks and filling in chips, buffing and restoring damaged marble, and adjusting counters as necessary.

If you have marble flooring our countertops and need help to repair them or keep them looking at their best, please do not hesitate to call us for a no-obligation quote.

4Is it safe to have my marble tiles polished?

There are many ways to polish marble. We use safe and gentle polishing products to ensure that you get the best results, without risk of damage to the tiles or the environment.

5Are your polishing products toxic?

There are many different marble polishing products on the market. The products we use have been carefully selected to ensure that they are safe for use in the home, and 'food safe', too.

We still recommend that you wipe the surface down with water and a microfiber cloth after we are done.

6What should I do to prepare for the marble floor polishing?

For best results, vacuum the floor to remove any large pieces of debris. We recommend that the floor is clean and dry, ready for us to start work.

This will ensure that when we buff and polish the floor it brings out a good, strong shine.