Non Slip Treatments

Non Slip Treatment / Anti Slip Treatment for tiles

Slippery tiles are very dangerous, especially when wet. Slique’s Non Slip Treatment can make slippery tiles into a safe Anti Slip surface using one of two Non Slip options.

Acid etching Non Slip Treatment

Acid etching is most commonly used on tiled surfaces, as it involves using specific acids to etch the surface of the tile, vastly improving the slip co-efficient. This Non Slip Treatment will be virtually invisible on matt or textured tiles, however high-shine surfaces will lose some of their gloss. Coloured tiles may also lose some colour, appearing as a slightly faded shade of the original (depending on the darkness of the colour).

Acid etching can be used on some natural stone surfaces to lightly hone the stone. If the stone needs to be changed into a rougher texture diamond grinding may be necessary.

Anti Slip Coating

The application of an Anti Slip Coating onto the slippery surface is not a permanent solution, but it is cost-effective and maintainable. Slique recommends an Anti Slip Coating for high-shine surfaces (as the surface can remain glossy), natural stone (as the structural integrity of the stone is maintained), and deeply-coloured tiles (as a non slip coating will not affect the colour of the surface).

Measuring slip levels

With both Non Slip Treatment options, Slique can measure the exact coefficient of friction rating both before and after treatment. This is particularly helpful to prove compliance with non slip regulations.

Non Slip Treatment

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