Stone Polishing & Grinding

Stone Polishing and Stone Grinding

Slique believes in treating stone with care, and restoring these delicate surfaces without damaging any part of the stone. Where possible, we will restore a surface using chemical methods such as Gleam Restoration. However in extreme cases, Resurfacing with Stone Polishing and Stone Grinding may be the only way to recover serious damage.

Stone Grinding

Resurfacing using diamond Stone Grinding can restore stone in extreme cases where chemical recovery is not possible. It can also remove ‘lipping’ (where the edges of the pieces of stone are not flush with each other).

Resurfacing involves honing or diamond grinding the stone to remove the top layer – usually just a few microns, much less than a millimetre – and any contamination the layer contains. It is the equivalent of a skin peel for stone, except stone is not able to regenerate itself afterwards, so continual resurfacing will eventually demolish the stone.

Therefore after Resurfacing Slique recommends protective measures be put in place – either with our Stain-Guarding or Barrier-coat Polishing treatments – to preserve the surface in the future.

Stone Polishing

Diamond Stone Polishing is the final stage of the grinding process. Once the damage has been removed, diamond Stone Polishing will gradually add a gloss finish to the stone until the desired finish is achieved.

Stone Grinding and Polishing

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Stone Polishing photos


Stone Polishing can restore or add gloss to a dull or matt surface


Stone Grinding photos: