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The Best Natural Stone Polishing in Sydney

Natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, etc. is very popular when it comes to homes and businesses throughout Sydney. The main reason for this is because these stone finishes make just about any area ooze sophistication and class. 

However, natural stone is prone to various problems such as stains, scratches, etching and general loss of shine. That is why regular care is required to maintain its natural beauty and prolong its life. That’s why professional polishing and honing is so important.

Stone Polishing and Honing

Polishing and honing are some of the most effective ways to revive worn, scratched and stained natural stone floors, and to also eliminate any traces of daily wear and tear. Polishing helps restore the glossy finish of natural stone surfaces while honing helps restore the brightness and smooth feel.

Professionally honed or polished natural stone surfaces look amazing in a residential or commercial setting. They can dramatically enhance the look and feel of a room. Here are some of the natural stone surfaces that we regularly work with:

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Basalt
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • And Many More

Professional Natural Stone Polishing and Honing

We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians in Sydney that can assess your natural stone surfaces to determine the most suitable procedure needed to bring your natural stone back to its original lustre. 

We will be able to remove all the scratches, scuff marks, discolouration and dirt caused by food and liquid spills, daily foot traffic, and bleach or acidic cleaners to leave your natural stone surfaces looking like brand new. We use the most advanced technology, equipment, abrasives, and polishing compounds to restore the natural appeal of your natural stone surfaces.


Our Process

The following is a breakdown of the process we use to keep your natural stone surfaces looking clean and fresh:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

The pre-inspection is the first step when it comes to natural stone cleaning, restoration, and sealing jobs. It is at this point where we come up with a customised care plan designed to meet the specific needs for your particular type of stone

Step 2: Surface Preparation

The rest of your residential or commercial space in Sydney is obviously important to you, which is why we take extra precautions to ensure that all the areas surrounding your natural stone surfaces are protected with plastic sheets and tape

Step 3: Cleaning

The cleaning procedure will vary depending on the surface with key variables being traffic, soiling conditions, make-up, maintenance, use, etc. When we clean any stone surface, we use the most advanced cleaning products and the stone is hand or machine scrubbed and brushed. To finish it off, we then use a rinsing tool to rinse the stone and use a water extraction system to achieve the maximum soil removal possible as well as the best overall cleaning results. 

Step 4: Diamond Grinding

Natural stone surfaces that are scuffed, etched, or scratched can only be restored by using mechanical abrasives underneath a rotary machine. Diamond abrasives remove/resurface a slight amount of stone, which is just enough to get below the scratches and etch marks. We do all our diamond grinding using water to ensure that dust is contained. The subsequent surfacing procedures determine the desired surface sheen.

Step 5: Honing

Natural stone surfaces are mechanically resurfaced using diamond abrasives in combination with water thus resulting in a uniformly honed surface sheen. In some instances, polished limestone, travertine, granite, or even marble can be mechanically honed to eliminate any pre-existing surface polish.

Step 6: Polishing

The natural stone surfaces are then mechanically polished to achieve a high gloss shine. The polishing process may remove very light scuffs, etches and scratches, but diamond grinding will still be necessary if the stone surface has reasonably deep etches, scratches, and scuffs.

Step 7: Sealing (Optional)

Sealing is the final step in the natural stone cleaning and restoration process. Depending on the selected sealer, we can use a heavy-duty professional grade sealer to protect your natural stone surfaces.

We will also do a walkthrough inspection of all areas once we have completed the 7 steps and will also give you a few tips on how to properly care for your stones. 


Looking for Professional Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration?

If your natural stone surfaces including kitchen benchtops, shower floors, vanities, and flooring are showing signs of daily wear (i.e. stains, chips, scratches, etc.), you can trust our team to effectively restore and protect them. We take care of your natural stone surfaces in both residential and commercial spaces in and around Sydney

Please call us today on (02) 9648 0395 or contact us through our website for all your tile cleaning needs.

Stone Polishing and Stone Grinding

Slique believes in treating stone with care, and restoring these delicate surfaces without damaging any part of the stone. Where possible, we will restore a surface using chemical methods such as Gleam Restoration. However in extreme cases, Resurfacing with Stone Polishing and Stone Grinding may be the only way to recover serious damage.

Stone Grinding

Resurfacing using diamond Stone Grinding can restore stone in extreme cases where chemical recovery is not possible. It can also remove ‘lipping’ (where the edges of the pieces of stone are not flush with each other).

Resurfacing involves honing or diamond grinding the stone to remove the top layer – usually just a few microns, much less than a millimetre – and any contamination the layer contains. It is the equivalent of a skin peel for stone, except stone is not able to regenerate itself afterwards, so continual resurfacing will eventually demolish the stone.

Therefore after Resurfacing Slique recommends protective measures be put in place – either with our Stain-Guarding or Barrier-coat Polishing treatments – to preserve the surface in the future.

Stone Polishing

Diamond Stone Polishing is the final stage of the grinding process. Once the damage has been removed, diamond Stone Polishing will gradually add a gloss finish to the stone until the desired finish is achieved.

Stone Grinding and Polishing

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Stone Polishing photos


Stone Polishing can restore or add gloss to a dull or matt surface


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