Tile Polishing

Tile Polishing treatment

Tile Polishing is a versatile treatment that can transform a matt or honed tile into a polished finish, increase the level of polish or shine on an existing polished tile, or remove Optical Hazing.

Tile Polishing to remove Optical Hazing

Optical hazing is a widespread problem with polished porcelain tiles, which gives the surface a smudgy or hazy look. It isn't considered a defect, and has no impact on the technical performance of the tile, but it's a huge aesthetic problem.

Optical hazing (otherwise known as shadowing) looks like smudge marks on the tile. It only affects polished porcelain tiles – particularly those being produced in China.

As optical hazing is only visible in certain low levels of light, the problem usually isn’t identified until after the tiles have been laid. And for the past 5 years that the issue has been evident, it has commonly been considered unsolvable.

Slique’s tile polishing techniques can be used to achieve a virtually 100% recovery of Optical Hazing, and is the only available alternative to full replacement of the porcelain tiles.

Tile Polishing treatment

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Tile Polishing can change the finish of a tile, and even completely restore Optical Hazing