Natural Stone Tiles: When To Call Natural Stone Restoration Experts 

Natural Stone Tiles: When To Call Natural Stone Restoration Experts 

When To Call Natural Stone Restoration Experts

Stone tiles are sophisticated and elegant thanks to their timeless natural look. They never get dated or out of style, saving you from having to renovate your house every few years to keep up with the newest fashions. That explains why everyone is going for natural stone tiles. 

They are typically used in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and exterior paved areas on both walls and floors. But even with their hard-wearing properties, they are sometimes prone to damage. Let’s look at cases where you need to call natural stone restoration professionals:

How To Know if Your Natural Stone Needs Restoration 

  • Stains

Natural stones can be stained by oil, rust, hard water, cleaning agents, and other products. Sometimes, you can solve this using baking soda and water for oil-based items and bleach for organic stains. Some however won’t come off unless you employ the help of a professional. 

  • Cracks

As long as the pavers are in good condition before being laid, cracks can be prevented by careful handling of the installation process and with smart design considerations. Unfortunately, this is not always inevitable. Things like tree roots, bad joins, wear and tear from the elements, accidents, and a weak paving base can all contribute to the damage of your tiles.

  • Etching

Etching happens when an acidic solution dissolves and consumes the natural stone’s surface, leaving a dull mark. In minor cases, it appears as a clear liquid stain, but the damage gets worse the longer the stone is exposed to chemicals. Polishing is the best and only effective method for removing these stains.

  • Scratch Marks

Dirt, sand, and other abrasive particles that get lodged under shoes can damage your stone tiles. Dragging machinery and furniture can also leave scratch marks that detract from the natural beauty of the stones.

  • Hazing

Ever observed a white, chalky substance on the surface of your natural stone flooring? It’s called efflorescence and happens when rain and groundwater dissolve salts that are present in both soil and water. Although unharmful, it still needs to be washed away, 

  • Hit Marks

These look like white discolouration marks and appear when a sudden, sharp impact occurs on natural stone. Depending on the force of the impact, they may only be visible on the stone’s surface or may penetrate the entire slab.

  • High-Temperature Damage

Thermal shock from high temperatures can alter natural stone surfaces. When water gets trapped in joints or cracks and then freezes (during winter months), natural stone can also chip or break. 

When To Call Natural Stone Restoration Experts

How to Care For Your Natural Stone Tiles

Nothing beats natural stone when it comes to durability. Your stone can last a lifetime with the proper upkeep and care. Here is how to maintain your tiles:

1). Sweep Regularly To Get Rid of Dirt and Dust 

The more dirt and dust settle, the higher the risk of losing your stone’s lustre and beauty. Depending on the frequency of exposure to dirt, schedule regular sweeping. Note that the broom chosen should go hand in hand with the type of natural stone flooring. 

Strong brooms with broad bristles are great for tough surfaces like gabbro and sandstone. On the other hand, a soft broom or brush would work nicely on smooth, soft stone floors like marble and limestone.

2). Vacuuming

Vacuuming is more thorough than sweeping but should be done once or twice a week. It removes dirt particles that may be concealed on corners or wedged in between tile intersections. 

3). Mop With a Moist Cloth

Mopping helps remove stains, especially when done with a mild cleaning agent. Avoid exposing your stone tiles to water frequently. If exposed to excessive amounts of water, some natural stone tiles like sandstone and limestone absorb it. Consequently, they become porous and vulnerable to moisture, dents, and scratches.

4). Steam Washing

Steam washing maintains the original colour of natural stone and can remove even the most tenacious stain.

5). Avoid Dragging Furniture 

Most types of natural stone tiles are resistant to damage from sharp items because they are made from extremely hard rock, but dragging furniture can cause dents, scratches, and cuts.

Final Thoughts

Natural stone tiles are highly prized for their legendary durability and adaptable aesthetic. They also come in an array of colours and finishes. What’s not to love?

But to ensure that your floor looks great for longer, you have to employ some maintenance techniques. And when it’s time to call a professional, do so to keep your floors and walls in great condition!

Slique: Professional Natural Stone Tile Restoration Services

Stone is not manufactured; it is a product of nature. It, therefore, needs qualified personnel when restoration services are needed. For that, Slique is your number one choice. 

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