Why White Marble Turns Yellow And How to Fix It

Why White Marble Turns Yellow And How to Fix It

Why White Marble Turns Yellow How Fix

Has your white marble at home turned yellow? Are you unsure of why this is, and what you can do to fix it? If your marble is discoloured and you’re not sure what to do about it, we’re here to give you as much help and guidance as we can.

Marble tile cleaning is a high-maintenance job. Because marble is a natural stone, it does require a series of careful maintenance steps so that its elegance and eloquence are preserved for the years to come. However, we have all probably made a few mistakes in taking care of our marble, one of which is accidentally turning it yellow!

However, how does white marble turn yellow, and is there a way to fix it? If you would like to learn more about this, please feel free to continue reading below.

Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow?

White marble floors are a bold statement to help up your home’s game. Unfortunately, white marble can be prone to yellowing, and this is quite a common problem. There are a couple of reasons why marble could turn yellow. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons below:

1). Iron Oxidation

Iron oxidation is one of the most common reasons behind the yellowing of white marble. Iron is commonly found in many natural stones. When it is exposed to agents such as water, acids, or even bleach, the iron in the stone will oxidize, creating a yellow colour as a result. In more extreme situations, the white marble can actually turn brown if it has not been treated right away. 

Why White Marble Turns Yellow How Fix

Oxidation is most common when the white marble is saturated with water. If you cleaned or saturated your marble with water, make sure to have it tested to determine if it contains iron. You can also test the marble for moisture if it was soaked with water. You can also have your marble checked to see if it contains iron by having it tested by a lab.

2). Wear And Tear

Wear and tear is another common cause behind the yellowing of white marble. When the polished surface wears away, the white marble is prone to trapping dirt in its pores. This creates a yellow appearance on your white marble.

3). Build-Up Of Wax

If you have used wax on your marble, this can actually be a cause for the yellow tints. When wax builds up, it can actually turn yellow and make your white marble look much more aged. 

4). Incorrect Cleaning Habits

Sometimes, yellowing can occur if you are not cleaning your white marble properly. For example, if you use dirty mops on your white marble, this can cause dirt to aggregate and leave yellowish stains on your marble. 

Why White Marble Turns Yellow How Fix

5). Crystallisation

There are some stone floors that use crystallisation as a means of polishing. However, if your marble contains moisture in the process of polishing, the stone can turn yellow. 

Fixing Yellowing Stains On White Marble

There are a couple of solutions to turn to however, before reaching these solutions it is best to determine the culprit behind the yellow stains on your white marble. Once you have determined this, you will be better equipped with applying the solution unique to your situation.

There are a few steps that you can take when it comes to treating yellow stains on white marble. If the main reason behind yellowing is oxidation, you can prepare and apply a poultice solution.

There are also other products that are specifically designed to remove iron oxidation from marble. However, it is best to consult with a stone restoration contractor before applying any product or solution. 

If your yellow stains are a result of using dirty mops, you can remove the stains with a heavy-duty stone cleaner which is best performed by a professional marble cleaning service. Wax-build-up is a bit more challenging since it is recommended to strip the floor of the wax to remove the yellow color.

Lastly, if your white marble turned yellow because it was polished through crystallisation, the yellow color can be reversed by using a powder marble polish. 

Final Thoughts

Yellowing white marble is a common issue experienced by many white marble owners. While this issue can be fixed, all, if not most, of these solutions should be performed by a professional cleaning service to ensure that the marble is not further or irreversibly damaged.

Therefore, it is best to consult with a professional who will be able to determine the best solution moving forward.

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