3 Worst Cleaning Products For Limestone Tiles

3 Worst Cleaning Products For Limestone Tiles

Worst Cleaning Products for Limestone Tiles

A limestone floor is durable, hard to scratch, and simple to keep clean. While limestone tiles require high-level regular cleaning, it’s critical to employ the proper cleaning and maintenance tools and techniques. When it comes to tile cleaning, certain products can harm the tiles and pose a threat to the investment. 

3 Worst Products To Use When Cleaning Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are lovely and durable flooring options that come in various sizes, hues, patterns, and forms. However, if you use the incorrect cleaning supplies, they could lose their elegance, toughness, and longevity. Below are three cleaning solutions to avoid limestone tiles

1). Oil-Based Cleaning Agents

Your limestone tiles could become damaged and put you and your family at risk if you clean them with an oil-based product. Oil-based cleansers are popular because they make floors appear smooth and shiny. However, such products are ineffective limestone tiles cleaners since they draw dirt and dust into the grout between the tiles and soak into them. This will only make the floor dirtier and more difficult to clean.

Adding a similarly slick oil-based cleaning will exacerbate the problem because tiles may already be dangerously slick. Tiles are typically found in showers, kitchens, and bathrooms, all of which are locations where slipping can result in significant injury.

2). Abrasive Substance Cleaners

Abrasive cleansers have a negative reputation as they harm limestone tile floors. Cleaning agents with abrasives are harsh and might harm the sealant. All tiles need to prevent dirt from entering their pores. These abrasive cleaners will harm the finish or remove sealant layers. It’s impossible to remove dirt after it enters the tile’s pores, necessitating a replacement.

Abrasive cleaners are designed for places with a lot of filth because they work well to remove stubborn stains because of their rough texture. Some limestone floors can be cleaned with abrasive cleansers, but do so only when cleaning the toughest buildups. If you want your limestone tiles to last as long as possible, avoid using abrasive cleansers as your primary cleaning method.

Worst Cleaning Products for Limestone Tiles

3). Ammonia And Bleach

Many floor cleaners produced with ammonia and bleach, which are terrible for tile floors, appear to be widely available. People frequently claim that these ammonia and bleach cleaners may remove stains that appear to be insurmountable.

Unfortunately, some cleaners can harm the limestone floor tiles and grout where you were cleaning. They could leave a stain or buildup of soap scum which looks even worse than what was already there. You should avoid using bleach and ammonia because they also harm your health as well as limestone-tiled floors.

Best Cleaning Product For Limestone Tiles

You should avoid using common home cleansers as they are extremely acidic and harm the stone, grout, and sealant. They will also ruin the aesthetic appeal of a polished surface. The most highly recommended floor cleaner for limestone tiles is simply clean water and soap.

Use a soap designed for limestone materials to prevent premature deterioration of the floor. The process may, however, take some time as the soap needs time to dissolve the dirt and grime. Ensure no soap is left on the surface after cleaning otherwise, it will gradually collect more filth. Additionally, the soap could leave a film on the surface, giving it a grubby appearance.

Final Thoughts

Reading the label of cleaning products is crucial when shopping. Even if the damage isn’t immediately apparent, you may need to replace all of your tiles because you have constantly been using the wrong cleaning products causing irreparable damage to the tiles. Avoid using oil-based, abrasive cleaners, including ammonia or bleach-based, to preserve your limestone tiles and keep them in good condition.

Slique – Professional Natural Stone Tile Restoration Services

Limestone is highly distinct from other types of natural stone in terms of its creation, composition, and behaviour. The difference also applies to cleaning supplies. Cleaning products made for concrete might not work well on tile, quartz, or other surfaces. Therefore, it would be best to use cleaning solutions specially made for limestone floors.

Consider scheduling a free consultation with Slique if you have used the incorrect chemical to clean your limestone tiles. Our professionals clean, polish, repair, and restore tile and natural stone surfaces to make them look brand new. We provide high-quality stone care services in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. 

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