Natural Stone Resurfacing

Marble Polishing & Restoration services will get your surface looking like new

Acidic items such as citrus fruits, wine or vinegar can damage sensitive calcium-based stone like marble and limestone - at the least it will dull the surface, and in some cases it will even destroy the top layer of stone.

A Gleam Restoration treatment restores a perfect gloss finish, removing etch marks, scratches and dull spots on stone to leave the surface glossy and gleaming.

As a soft stone, marble is more susceptible to etch marks and acid damage than many other surfaces. Restoration can be achieved using graduating levels of marble polishing techniques.

Etch marks can vary from minor (where they can be seen, but not felt) to major (where a rough patch or a scratch can be felt). Slique modifies our treatment to each project by gradually stepping up through the multiple grades of marble polishing until a result is achieved.

Chemical restoration for light scratches

Wherever possible the damage to a stone surface will be reversed through chemical means. In this sophisticated and highly controlled technique, a chemical is applied to reactivate the calcium in the stone. Effectively 'melting' the top layer of stone, it allows the contamination to be sucked off the surface. The stone is then allowed to then re-form in its original state with no sign of the previous damage or any marking, leaving a perfect polished finish. It is also much less invasive than grinding.

Severe etches or scratches may require grinding

Severe damage that has penetrated further into the stone it may be necessary to consider physical restoration using diamond grinding.

Marble Polishing treatment

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Tile Sealing photos


This marble benchtop was dull and covered with etch marks; polishing restored it to a glossy finish.


This marble statue was damaged by soot and smoke in a Church fire, but it was completely recovered using a wide range or marble restoration techniques


Slique can restore etch marks, acid damage, and dull spots, as shown on this green marble benchtop that was damaged by coffee descaler


Marble Floors in commercial environments benefit from polishing to maintain the surface and keep them looking luxurious