How to Install Mosaic Tiles

Easy Tips on How to Install Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are little tile pieces typically made of ceramic, porcelain, or glass and mounted on a sheet. These look beautiful and present an exquisite visual […]
Bathroom Tile Cleaning Tips

4 Bathroom Tile Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom floor and wall tiles are often the first to show the signs of soap scum, mould, hard water stains, built-up dirt, and mildew. Cleaning […]
Identifying & Treating Asbestos Tiles

The Importance of Identifying & Treating Asbestos Tiles

Asbestos was one of the most commonly used building materials until the 1980s. It was such a popular material because of its resilience and durability. It […]
How to Care for Stone Benchtops

How to Care for Stone Benchtops: Do’s and Don’ts

Stone benchtops are beautiful, expensive and unique. Nothing can match the natural shine and beauty of a stone benchtop. However, keeping those benchtops looking beautiful is […]

Vinyl Tiles Vs Ceramic Tiles: Which Is The Best For You?

Vinyl tiles and ceramic tiles are two of the most commonly used flooring options alongside natural stone and hardwood flooring. In addition to being highly stain […]
What Is Regrouting Is It Worth It

What Is Regrouting And Is It Worth It?

Have your tiles started looking dirty and worn out? If so, consider removing grout first before you resort to installing new tiles. Regrouting your tiles can […]